Mohsin Abbas Haider gets freed from jail

Mohsin Abbas Haider freed by the court today after clear evidence of physical abuse


In the news and rumours about celebrities, several actors found their other halves but most of them are still facing the issue of their marriage. Whether it is against or in favor, this year is definitely a thrill ride to some of the well-known celebrities of Pakistani entertainment industry.

Mohsin Abbas Haider is released from the Lahore court over the domestic abuse charges on him. Looking back at the unresolved issues between the celebrated actor Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatima Sohail, the recent judicial process has become more intense.

Since the dispute between husband and wife has been in court, it has grasped much public intention. But the court recently issued a judgement that is not much admired by the people. According to information released by Fatima Sohail,his wife, on her Facebook account, even after conceding the guilt of Mohsin Abbas Haider, the court undoubtedly released him.Fatima Sohail speaks about the judgment

When Mohsin Abbas Haider was supposed to be arrested, he left the court without any menacing. For the sake of fairness, Fatima Sohail now asks the Inspector General of Punjab Police to hand over his file to a non-corrupt officer. In addition, she wrote that Mohsin Abbas Haider should be arrested immediately because he is no longer released on bail.

Antecedently this year, Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife after being abused for a long time approached the public through social media. After the problem caught heat, Mohsin Abbas Haider denied all the accusations of physical abuse and cheating on him in a press conference.

The judgement hints the popular notion that the justice system in Pakistan supports the one who is in power.  Mohsin Abbas has also been fired from his program”Mazaaqraat” because of his issue with his wife. The media industry has previously shown its concern towards the physical abuse by siding with Fatima Sohail but will she get justice from the court of law?

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