'Messiah' Cancelled by Netflix After Just One Season

‘Messiah’ Cancelled by Netflix After Just One Season


The religious themed thriller season on Netflix Messiah has come across hard luck this time around. Netflix has announced that no more seasons for Messiah will be produced in the future and the franchise has come to an end with a single season only. Led by the star actor Wil Traval, the show had received mixed reviews about itself. Despite it, the show was a fan favorite for a huge number of Netflix viewers.

What really happened?

As weird as it might sound, but the production company at Netflix has reported that the decision of the termination of the production process has been influenced by the recent pandemic. Corona-virus pandemic has taken the world at large and no country is safe. This might not sound like an event that can hamper a show’s production – unless the show that is being produced requires a lot of mobility and travel around the world. The cast crew has reported that the season 2 of ‘Messiah’ was due to be shot in various countries of the world to instill vibrancy in the show.

'Messiah' Cancelled by Netflix After Just One Season

Recent circumstances disallow travel around the world. Air-flights have been cancelled. Countries have closed their boundaries for foreigners and most of the major countries are in partial or complete lock-down. These conditions just do not seem feasible for a production team to create what it wants.

What is ‘Messiah’ all about?

The season stars Mehdi Dehbi as the lead character, Messiah who creates public disruptions notoriously. The CIA officer Eva Geller tries to uncover and investigate this man. As the law enforcement agencies struggle to grasp the magnitude and consequences of the miracles this man seems to induce, the media increasingly grows interest in his personality. The world finds itself immersed in his charismatic character. People are inspired and scared of his miracles which leads many to become his devotees and followers.

'Messiah' Cancelled by Netflix After Just One Season

How is the world reacting to this news?

Series star Wil Traval shared the news on Instagram about the cancellation of the show. He expressed his dejection and shock towards the news. He thanked all his fans that supported him through the season.

Fans have started to file petition on CHANGE to force Netflix to revert the decision. The fans do not want the show to come to an end when one of the four major events that were bound to happen in the show has been indicated.

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