"Mera Kukkar Margya" Kid Is Finally Smiling - But Why?

“Mera Kukkar Margya” Kid Is Finally Smiling – But Why?


Currently Reading: “Mera Kukkar Margya” Kid Is Finally Smiling – But Why?

Just about two days ago, a young boy from Sindh caught the attention of social media when a video of his ranting and shouting went viral. In the video, the boy was seen expressing intense emotions of hatred and anger towards the people in government. The context of his anger was the fact that his beloved pet rooster had died after drinking extremely substandard water from a local water body. The boy could not tolerate his loss and despite his young age, put a display of his feelings. According to him, if even the animals cannot survive after drinking water, what makes the government think that the people in that area can live a healthy and hygienic life after consuming such contaminated water? But today, we all are relieved because “mera kukkar margya” kid is finally smiling.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan Took Swift Action

After watching such a heart-wrenching video, the bold reporter who runs the critically acclaimed show “Sar-e-Aam” in which he exposes darkest aspects of Pakistani society, Iqrar-ul-Hassan reached out to him and committed to help the young boy. He soon sent him three healthy roosters of his liking and the boy knew no bounds to his elation. He thanked Iqrar-ul-Hassan for the gifts.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan not only sent him three roosters, but also a collection of snacks, toys and many more things the kid of his age should be indulged in, instead of being worried and overwhelmed by the ever-growing sanitation crisis in Pakistan.

Grim Condition Of Sindh

At one hand, where the smiling face of this young boy brings a smile on our faces as well, we should not forget what this boy’s anger actually translates into. It translates into decades of ignorance by the relevant authorities and corrupt politicians who have throw the lay men of Pakistan into a dark and never-ending abyss of economic and health crisis. This boy is just another example out of thousands of many more who do not have even dirty water to survive upon.

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