Melania Trump Rocked Green and White in India

Melania Trump Rocked Green and White in India


Donald Trump landed in India on Monday morning. And accompanying him was his wife, the First Lady of US, Melania Trump. But to Indians, it became a bizarre experience when they saw Melania Trump come out of the AirForce One aircraft. They saw her wrapped up in a fancy dress, the colors of which Indians have long despised. Melania Trump rocked green and white in India.

Melania Trump created a jar and in the minds of Indians by wearing a Green And White dress on the land of India. It can simply be a coincident to some. But for the keen, it is a well-known fact that Melania Trump is a sharp dresser and is never found to be in a wardrobe malfunction. Keeping this very fact in mind, Indian nationals are raising questions like Was this an intentional move to “burn” us Indians?”

Melania Trump Rocked Green and White in India

Melania’s wardrobe comprised of a white jumpsuit with full sleeves and a ban color by designer Herve Pierre. Around her waist, she had tied a green banarsi sash (traditional Indian fabric made with silk and gold/silver threads). Its price range is about 1.5-2 lacs.

The 7 decades long rivalry between Pakistan and India simply exceeds just geographical boundaries. And is now touching color schemes too. Twitter community was the first to point out this detail to the world. And now, the Indians cannot unsee it.

Melania Trump wore Pakistani Flag colors coupled with Donald Trump appreciating Pakistan’s efforts towards peace, fight against terrorism and expression of genuine respect for PM Imran Khan.This has resulted in many heads to turn more than once. She made quite a statement with her green and white clothes. The First ladies’ outfits are of critical important especially during foreign visits. It is also a platform for world leaders to practice soft diplomacy without being too eminent.

When the social media started blooming with this news, the designer himself decided to step up and give out a statement. “Arriving in India, the First Lady Flotus is wearing a white jumpsuit from the designer Herve Pierre. The sash was cut in an early century Indian textile document I found in Paris through very good friends who are collectors at Herve Pierre. The sash is made out of green silk and gold metal thread . We used the border which was the most interesting piece we could use as it was a valuable vintage piece.

Melania Trump Rocked Green and White in India

Whatever the case may be, Pakistanis believe that Melania Trump, along with Donald Trump visited India to make a very bold statement very carefully. Pakistan finally hopes of gaining acknowledgment on international level for its sacrifices against terrorism and its stance on Kashmir. Melania Trump rocked green and white in India and shocked the whole of their nation.

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