Mehwish Hayyat and Amir Liaqat caught in a twitter fight


Recently Mehwish Hayyat a well-known actress and the TV Host Amir Liaqat caught in a twitter fight.

This happened when Mehwish shared her views on twitter about the Death of Irani General and in return, Amir replied to her with incriminatory tweets.

Mehwish Hayyat tweeted about a US airstrike killed Iranian leader Qasem Soleimani in what is potentially the harshest order from Trump in the Middle East. 

After two days of her tweet, Amir Liaquat replied to tweet and make absurd remarks about her by calling her an “item girl”

In response to his direct personal attack, Mehwish didn’t stay quiet and replied to his tweet saying

“This ‘item girl’ is exercising her democratic right to have an opinion whereas you keep stooping to making personal jibes and nothing more. Man up!”

She clearly states in her tweet that she is using her democratic right to express her views and no one has the right to defame her like that. She further reminds him of the case he was going to file against her after her movie ‘Load wedding.’

This is not the first time that these two engaged in a heated up conversation. Back in 2019, Mehwish Hayyat replied to a tweet of in which she was showing her anger by saying that “They are defaming the artists.”

In return to her tweet, Amir Liaquat replied to her and warns her that he will sue Mehwish and Load Wedding team to defame him and his show in this movie.

After that, Amir directly taunts Mehwish on her award show performance with Ahsan Khan.

Many celebrities support Mehwish back then and now Yasir Hussain takes a step and supports Mehwish on her reply to Amir. He wishes her by sharing Mehwish’s tweet with birthday wishes.

Amir Liaquat is already famous for his talent for making things awkward. Not only Mehwish Hayyat he used to do weird things with other celebrities especially on his show he was famous for making fun of the audience.

People out there are supporting Mehwish on delivering a direct Shutup call to Amir Liaqat.

Now its time to sit back and wait where all this reply game on twitter goes.


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