Mehwish Hayat poses with Nick Jonas

Mehwish Hayat poses a picture with Nick Jonas and fans are tolling Priyanka Chopra


Trending in Pakistan: Priyanka Chopra is trolled yet again. Mehwish Hayat, Pakistan’s Tamgha-e-Imtiaz holder and seasoned actress posted a picture of her with Nick Jones, Priyanka’s ‘little’ husband on twitter earlier today. Priyanka is perceived as emotionally unstable and insecure about her marriage with nick as noted on many previous occasions, Pakistanis have taken this opportunity to troll her all over again.

The controversy with Priyanka Chopra who is also a UNICEF peace ambassador started earlier amidst Indo-Pak tensions when she tweeted Jai-Hind in a message to armed forces after Indian forced illicitly tried to enter Pakistan. Priyanka’s role as a peace ambassador was questioned largely and online petitions were created to get her removed as the UNICEF ‘peace ambassador’.

On another account, Priyanka was seen ‘jealoused’ of Nick’s ex Miley Cyrus mentioning him on Instagram. Now with Mehwish Hayat posing with Nick, Pakistani’s are once again expecting a childish response from Priyanka considering Mehwish has previously spoken on her peace ambassador status too.

We must admit, some of these trolled are just too funny:

Some are bringing Priyanka’s ‘obvious’ insecurities to call out Mehwish

And look at this one

Twitteratis these days are unstoppable. And Priyanka’s blunders this year have cost her ‘celebrity status’ in Pakistan a bit too much. First, it was the warmongering tweet and later in was a tasteless encounter with a Pakistani influencer Ayesha Malik. So Pakistanis are already all hyped up against the incontigo star Priyanka Chopra and this tweet has given them a new opportunity to take it all out.

Priyanka Chopra was one of the most followed bollywood actresses in Pakistan but the recent series of events have greatly tarnished her reputation in Pakistan. The celebrity has reportedly lost over 90% of her Pakistani followers and received much hate comments and rants from public who took her as an idol.

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