Meet The 5 "Sher" Sisters Who Are All CSS Officers Now

Meet The 5 “Sher” Sisters Who Are All CSS Officers Now


Reading News: Meet The 5 “Sher” Sisters Who Are All CSS Officers Now

Most Pakistanis share the same stereotypical mentality that women in general cannot achieve a lot in life because they simply lack the ability and intellect. And if you are the type of person who agrees to this rotten concept, this article is especially for you. Today we have an amazing story to share. It is about time that Pakistani people realize there is more to life than conventional and typical fashions and exhibition. Five sisters from Pakistan have bashed all absurd concepts and won the hearts of many people with their talent and power of knowledge. Meet the 5 “Sher” sisters who are all CSS officers now.

Youngest Of Them All Completes The Streak

Central Superior Services (CSS) exams are considered to be one of the toughest exams Pakistan’s educational system has to offer. The marking criteria for this examination is so tough that only 2% of the candidates actually clear the exam. And that results in the best and most knowledgeable people to reach the most important designations in Pakistani ministries. The youngest among all sisters, Zoha Malik Sher just recently cleared her CSS exams when the results were declared nationwide on 17 June 2020. Zoha Malik passed the exam with flying colors and her success marks all 5 daughters becoming CSS officers and making Pakistan extremely proud.

Meet The 5 "Sher" Sisters Who Are All CSS Officers Now

Zoha had cleared her written part of the examination back in 2019 but was waiting for the final interview results. The result announced on 17 June has confirmed that she will be rendering her services in the Office Management Group (OMG). Zoha belongs to KPK but resides in Islamabad.

All 5 sisters are extremely competent and able to think outside the box. Laila Malik is the eldest of them all and is designated as Deputy Commissioner (IR) in Regional Tax Office in Islamabad. Shireen Malik serves as the Head of Section in the Cabinet Division, one of the finest jobs in administration. Dr. Sassi Malik Sher is a part of the the MLCG group and she made to headlines recently when she encouraged girls to read their nikah-nama. Marvi Malik, the second youngest sister is posted in the PMS group.

Malik Rafiq Awan – Proudest Father In The World

Malik Rafiq Awan is a retired SDO from Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). Being the father of 5 bureaucrat daughters, he cannot help but blush and gush. He says that he is literally the proudest father in the world and says that “one of my daughters is better than 500 sons”. He still remembers the days when people used to console him instead of congratulating him on the birth of daughters. He says that the same mourners today are congratulating me. He says that no son ever could make him this proud in front of Pakistan.

Meet The 5 "Sher" Sisters Who Are All CSS Officers Now

He says that he and his wife encouraged all their daughters towards CSS from a very early age. This man’s determination, broad-mindedness, sacrifice and love for her daughters have made him one of the most successful man as a father in Pakistan. Today, he sits with the top analysts giving interviews to BBC network. It’s about time people realize the worth of daughters and start acting sensibly.

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