Meet Naseer Baloch – The Poor Laborer Who Has 3 Million Followers and 100 Million Likes on TikTok!


Now Reading: Meet Naseer Baloch – The Poor Laborer Who Has 3 Million Followers and 100 Million Likes on TikTok!

TikTok is the video-sharing social networking service that took the world by storm, quickly becoming massively popular among people of all ages. Despite the controversy surrounding the app’s usage and talks being made to ban it, there is no doubt that it has provided many creative people with a platform to realize their creativeness and share it with the world. Such is the case of this poor Baloch laborer, who through tiktok, did exactly that and garnered over 3 million fans!

Meet Naseer Baloch – the poor laborer, who unlike most of the urban-dwelling content creators and users that flood TikTok, hails from rural living conditions. Through his creative style of content creation and production of his videos, Naseer has gotten over 3 million followers and even recently got more than 100 million likes on his official TikTok! He even uploaded a couple videos showcasing this achievement, though sadly enough, there was no one from the TikTok community who congratulated him and celebrated his achievement with him except his fellow laborers and his son.


thanks all fends

♬ original sound – naseer_baloch_006

Lack Of Endorsement From The TikTok Community

While many TikTokers whose content’s quality is far lower than Naseer’s receive support and endorsement from fellow content creators, it is sad to see that he does not. What makes this lack of support worse is that Naseer has far more followers than “famous TikTokers” such as Pinky Francis, Adeel Murtaza, Reeja Jeelani, etc. There are people who are called ‘social media influencers’ just after gathering a following of a few thousands so why not the same energy with Naseer? Is it because of his origin? Why ignore hidden gems like him when his content has put him among one of the most followed TikTokers from Pakistan? Because he comes from a poverty-stricken background that his efforts aren’t appreciated by people from better backgrounds?

All these details make videos like this one even more heartbreaking where he talks about how no one from the community congratulated him and only his son shared his happiness. He further expressed the hope that at least his followers will shared this milestone with him.


mere bete ne dia mubarkh baat #teambalochistan_1 #sindhwale

♬ original sound – naseer_baloch_006


It is truly sad that despite achieving this many milestones, no famous TikTok star in Pakistan has acknowledged his success. You can support Naseer Baloch’s Tiktok yourself by following and liking him here.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the community should recognize his content as much as his fans do or is it somehow not good enough? Tell us in the comments below!


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