Meet Kiran – The Hijabi Foodpanda Hero Who Broke All Stereotypes


Now Reading: Meet Kiran – The Hijabi Foodpanda Hero Who Broke All Stereotypes

Foodpanda is one of Pakistan’s biggest food delivery services which is continuing to provide equal employment opportunities to everyone even amid these testing times. With this, more and more people are looking to avail these opportunities on a daily basis. Social media displayed such a case recently when a photo of a woman in a traditional hijab sitting on a motorbike, working as a foodpanda delivery rider, made rounds on the internet. The name of this stereotype-defying woman is Kiran, who resides in Karachi.

Kiran Hails From A Conservative Family

Kiran has been working with foodpanda with for about 6 weeks. Ever since joining foodpanda’s team of riders, she has successfully completed over 100 orders. Hailing from a conservative family, Kiran used to be a stay at home with a burning passion for becoming capable of supporting her family financially herself. Her story first came to light when a facebook user – Tooba Masroor – shared how she was happy to see her foodpanda rider being a woman and that her picture was taken with consent.

I was happy to the roof to see that my Foodpanda Rider was a WOMAN! I couldn't contain my excitement and asked if I…

Posted by ‎طوبیٰ مسرور‎ on Monday, July 6, 2020

In an interview, Kiran told about the struggles she faced the struggles she has faced and how difficult it is to be a female rider in Pakistan due to the family restrictions and societal pressure. She also added that people tried to scare her out of becoming a female rider but her father and all the customers she met supported her. She stated;

“People forbade me from working as a female rider, narrating horrendous accidents. My father however helped me stand tall, encouraging me to follow my passion. It’s not easy to be a female rider in a country like Pakistan but by the grace of Allah all the customers have been extremely sweet and respectful towards me, asking if I need food and water.”

Foodpanda Provided Her With A Great Working Environment

Kiran further shared her experience of working with foodpanda and how the staff were all very supportive. She concluded;

“I have been working with foodpanda since 26th May. I love it here and understand the work. It’s fun. Everyone’s very helpful, especially the foodpanda fraternity, the riders. They help me out with everything. From the little things, like telling me the address, details of how to maintain my bike, everything. Last time there was rain, my fellow riders helped gear my bike up and guided me on how to tackle slippery roads. The whole organization, every person is very supportive here and I am enjoying my work”

“At foodpanda we encourage a gender-equal representation in our workforce and fleet. We are happy to be at the forefront of empowering women and enabling economic stability in the country,” foodpanda’s CEO – Nauman Sikander Mirza – commented on the viral image as well.

Kiran Received MASSIVE Social Media Support!

After the picture went viral, social media boomed with supported for Kiran.

People have also started regarding her as an example setter and have dubbed her the hijabi foodpanda hero.

Everyone applauded her for breaking all the toxic societal stereotypes while not sacrificing their religion.

What are your thoughts on Kiran’s story? Did it inspire you? Tell us in the comments below!


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