Match-fixing and Wasim Akram? Former cricketer Ata-ur-Rehman exposes hidden truths


Nowadays Pakistan’s cricket is facing hard times regarding the corruption of senior players. Recently, Ata-ur-Rehman, a former cricketer has come forward with his story, explaining that he made his statement on match-fixing 20 years ago.

Why Did Ata Change his Statement?

In a video message, Ata claimed that Akram had bribed him during the 1990s, which led him to face a lifetime ban from cricket. He admitted the change in his statement before the Justice Qayyum Commission on the instructions of Wasim Akram.

“I will continue this issue until Akram reveals that he threatened to change his statement.”

Earlier, former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Khalid Mahmood had said that the players nominated in the match-fixing inquiry would have been severely punished if the claimants had adhered to their statements in the inquiry.

While talking to media Khalid Mehmood made a statement that: “Ata has filed an affidavit in the court regarding this matter but he feared to pursue this matter in the court.”

Ata-ur-Rehman’s cricket career ruined after this max-fixing scandal.ICC banned him for life from cricket. Whereas, the ban was lifted later in 2007.

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Rashid Latif and Aamir Sohail under corruption umbrella

Rehman not only bashed Akram for his wrongdoing but also claimed that the former batsmen Rashid Latif and Aamir Sohail are well aware of Wasim’s involvement in match-fixing. Ata called both crickets Wasim’s accomplices. He further disclosed that:

“Both Rashid and Aamir told him to sign the affidavit and later on they lead it to the media.”

Rehman claimed that Wasim Akram made himself part of PSL for money. The former cricketer also bashed Wasim and his accomplices for calling the PSL a corrupt league. Afterward, they attach themselves to it for their own benefit.

The former pacer knocks out all of them saying “They only work to serve themselves and they don’t care about the country. They know well how to do politics and to blackmail others.”

Sarfraz Nawaz reveals the shocking truth

In the past, Former Pakistan Cricketer Sarfaraz Nawaz also revealed Wasim’s match-fixing in the matches of the 1999 World Cup.  He said:

“Matches between Pakistan and Bangladesh, and final Pakistan vs. Australia were fixed.”

Recently Pakistan’s cricket faces the corruption case of a senior player Umar Akmal and now its Wasim Akram’s turn.


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