Management of LUMS University getting trolled for changing their abbreviation


Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has often been the talk of the town on social media, especially on Twitter for different reasons. However, this time, the change of the university’s name has become the topic of discussion on Twitter.

From now on, The Lahore University of Management Sciences will not be referred to simply as LUMS, rather it will now be called LUMSU. It took everyone by surprise as the “U” at the end of LUMSU means University, which basically means that the abbreviation will now have the word “university” twice.

The name “LUMS University” is intended to emphasize the evolution of the educational institution to a “complete university offering more than 30 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.”

This step is to recognize the diversity of campus disciplines and a step towards greater inclusiveness, which is great, but it also falls victim to the RAS (Redundant Acronym Syndrome), in which one or more words are repeated in the abbreviation.

The Vice-Chancellor of the university, Dr. Arshad Ahmad informed through email to the students and the faculty about the change of their abbreviation.

“The step had been taken as the varsity has evolved from a management school to a comprehensive university offering over 30 undergraduate and graduate degree programmes through its schools of business, humanities, and social sciences, science and engineering, law and education.The management feels that the disciplinary growth and its comprehensive status is better captured by LUMS University. (LUMSU)”

The news was first shared by Umair Javed who tweeted, “Woke up to an admin email that says LUMS is no longer an acronym. The university is now formally called LUMS University (i guess on account of it being way more than just a place for people to study management)”

The news took social media by surprise and people can’t stop trolling the management of the University on Twitter.

LUMSU not responding.

One person made a fake tweet from the University which said: “Honestly, I did it for the memes. #LUMSU”






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