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Man Given a Restraining Order for Stalking, Attacking and Leaking Intimate Pictures of His Ex


Now Reading: Man Given a Restraining Order for Stalking, Attacking and Leaking Intimate Pictures of His Ex

The threat of revenge porn in Asia is not unusual, though you don’t hear it in the UK much (UK). However, following his porn vengeance against an ex-girlfriend, the UK law enforcement took action against Misbah Ali. For a while, he had stalked her and even threatened her physically.

Revenge porn is when an accused person, without their permission, posts intimate pictures of a spouse or ex-partner. This is mostly done in an evil way. Often pictures also appear explicitly in nature.

During a terrible four-moon abuse campaign, one man assaulted his former girlfriend with a laptop, strangled her and posted her sexual images on Twitter. A two-year suspension and five year restriction order were handed over to Misbah Ali, of Repton Street in Limehouse, following admission of the former partner’s abuse from December 2019 to January 2020.

For those four months, Ali pursued his victim at their university after a brief relationship and asked her to unblock him in social media. Threatening messages were sent and her personal images were posted on Twitter. In her backyard, he also captured a cold video message, saying how short the wall was and he wanted to know which room the victim’s room was.

In February 2020, the window of the victim’s car was broken with a brick and Ali sent her a message saying, “Wys [what you saying] ‘bout the car if you snake more shit will happen don’t block man.” That same month Ali assaulted her and pushed her into the headlock in the immediate vicinity of her home and told her, “Why did you block me?”

The shocking abuse initiative ended in March 2020 when Ali once again approached the survivor in her university. He asked her for his new telephone number and said to unblock him on the Social Media. Ali struck her on the head as she resisted, snapping and snatching her phone and laptop. Then he shook over a table until the woman’s neck was strangling.

DS Lee Gordon, from the Metropolitan Police, stated;

“Ali subjected the victim to a torrent of hate over a sustained period of time and his fixation caused her serious distress. Adding further insult to the victim, Ali made numerous false allegations about the her to police. His actions demonstrated a blatant disregard for the safety and welfare of the woman as he continued his quest to ruin her life. I hope the sentence brings the victim a measure of comfort and that other women suffering from harassment or stalking are encouraged to come forward and speak to police.”

The restraining order prohibits Ali, on any social media platform, from contacting or referring to his victim for five years.


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