Man Divorces His Wife On A Running Train, Leaves Her With 3 Children


Now Reading: Man Divorces His Wife On A Running Train, Leaves Her With 3 Children

Day after day, today’s society keeps proving that it is full of wolves walking in people’s clothing. Heck, that might even be an insult to wolves at this point as even they would be more compassionate than these so-called ‘humans’. With stories ranging from a man from Gujranwala selling his wife just a day after the wedding for a sum of money to a vet In Islamabad killing and exploiting a pet cat, it feels like people have forgotten even the very basic teachings of their Creator, let alone their humanity. Now, this story of a selfish and hateful man who put his own family through so much pain has unfortunately only solidified this feeling even further.

A shelter home for many poor folks – Sarim Burney Trust – has shared a story of a monster who just left his wife along with his three children on a running train. The poor woman, belonging to Gujranwala, was travelling to Karachi with the man and her three children when she was handed divorce papers to her by her husband and got left in the middle of a running train. Afterwards, a rickshaw driver helped the woman reach the Burney Trust.


The woman narrated the incident, stating that this took place when their train stopped at Rohri station. While she was waiting at the station with her three children, she was asked by her husband to hold some papers (which she took as something related to the train) and then was left saying that he would come back in a while. Though, he ditched her there and didn’t come back. It was revealed to her afterwards by the people on the train that those were divorce papers.

The Husband Used To Abuse Her Constantly And Even Threatened To Kill Her

While talking to the interviewer, the woman revealed that her husband constantly used to abuse her and her children and threatened to kill her along with her mother if she spoke out against him. Showing the bruises on her children’s body, she told the interviewer;

“He used to beat me in public, with rods, belts, or anything he comes across with. Also, he threatened me to kill me several times. He also used to beat his children too.”

You can watch the full interview here:

تمہیں سفر کے دوران طلاق دونگا۔۔۔اورپھر اس نے وہی کیا | صارم برنی ٹرسٹ

چلتی ٹرین میں طلاق نامہ تھما کر اسٹیشن پر اتر گیا میں انتظار کرتی رہی لیکن نہیں آیا۔ ٹرین میں لوگوں نے بتایا کہ یہ طلاق نامہ ہے۔ آخر کار کراچی لانڈھی کے اسٹیشن پر اُتر گئی اور رکشے والے نے صارم برنی ٹرسٹ آکر چھوڑا۔ میں رکشے والے بھائی کی انتہائی شکر گزار ہوں۔ گچرانوالہ کی رہائشی عورت کی کہانی۔ شئیر کریں اور آگاہی پھیلائیں۔

Posted by Sarim Burney Trust International on Wednesday, July 1, 2020


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