Malik Riaz's Daughter Tortured Uzma Khan For Having Affair With Her Husband

Malik Riaz’s Daughter Tortured Uzma Khan For Having Affair With Her Husband


Reading Now: Malik Riaz’s Daughter Tortured Uzma Khan For Having Affair With Her Husband

Uzma Khan is a well renowned actress in Pakistani entertainment and movie industry. She has been a part of many famous native movies such as Waar, Yalghar, Jawaani Phir Nae Aani both 1st and 2nd edition. Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan have recently become the top trend on Twitter. Uzma Khan and her sister are being accused of having extramarital affair with Malik Riaz’s son-in-law Usman. The actress and her sister went viral over the social media when a video popped up on the scene in which Malik Riaz’s daugter tortured Uzma Khan for having affair with her husband.

Video Of Malik Riaz’s Daughter Torturing Uzma Khan

The video has been circulating all around the internet and is depicting a sad reality of our hypocrite society. Instead of bashing her own husband for his unethical endeavors, Malik Riaz’s daughter found it more appropriate to break into the private property of an individual. News is that she went to the extremes of throwing kerosene oil on the actress. A picture of Huma Khan’s injured feet is being widely shared on the internet, addressing the utter wilderness of this woman.

Malik Riaz's Daughter Tortured Uzma Khan For Having Affair With Her Husband

In the complete video which has currently been taken down, the woman interrogating both sisters claims to be the wife of a man named Usman, who is nowhere to be seen in the entire drama. Instead of holding her husband accountable, the woman insists on both the sisters to accept that they slept with her husband.

Public Response On Social Media

Pakistani people on social media have collectively condemned this incident and are of the view that such arrogant and brutal people stem from the filthy rich class of our society who know no bounds to human decency and somehow find themselves eligible enough to punish other people all by themselves.

What Uzma Khan did is undoubtedly extremely wrong and she should be demoralized for her actions. But what this rich woman forgot was the fact that nothing could have been possible without her husband’s consent and willingness. It is highly unlikely that the culprit man in question will be held responsible for any of his actions, mostly because he is son-in-law to one of the richest people in the country.

Many people have been questioning the credibility of the institutions responsible for holding the human rights violators accountable. This incident is a sheer act of human rights violation and no respective government department has addressed the issue.

Uzma Khan and her sister must be punished for their despicable acts. But punishing them as the sole culprits is completely wrong and calls for an investigation. People of Pakistan sincerely hope that a day comes when justice prevails for everyone in Pakistan, not just for the vulnerable. Malik Riaz’s daughter tortured Uzma Khan for having affair with her husband, only because she was privileged enough.

Malik Riaz’s Response To The Entire Situation

Malik Riaz also noticed the incident and addressed it on social media. However, he refuses to accept any link with the addressed personalities in the videos. He said that Usman is not his nephew, the strange thing being, no one ever called Usman his nephew in the first place.

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  1. Please leave the Government out of the. ..the country is in turmoil…these incidents are happening daily …but to the less fortunate…not to a celebrity or to a rich man’s daughter. ..these poor people incidents go unnoticed….so why are these females or the media creating so much noise…please stop it…let the females pull one other’s hair…tear their clothes. …get hold of the man involved and just beat him up black & blue😡😡😡

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