Malik Riaz"s settlement brings Rs 39 Billion to Pakistan.

Malik Riaz settlement story ,Pakistan gets Rs 39 Billion from NCA


UK’s National Crime Agency had a settlement with the government of Pakistan bringing Rs 39 Billion to the economy. On Tuesday , Malik Riaz had a deal with NCA(National Crime Agency) regarding his properties in Britain.

Malik Riaz is one of the biggest business tycoons in Pakistan. He has gone through many trials in the Pakistani courts as well. Now, he has been facing NCA for his money laundering case in UK. According to a press release from UK’s crime agency there’s been a settlement between them and Malik Riaz. The agency claims that the deals includes 1 Hyde Park Place , worth approximately Rs 10 Billion and all the money he has in the frozen accounts as well. According to the press release all these assets worth Rs 39 Billion have been returned to the State Of Pakistan.

Shehzad Akbar, Special Assistant to Prime Minister for accountability, confirmed in a press conference saying “The main aim of the government is to bring the looted money back to Pakistan”. Moreover he also thanked the British Government for their co-operation. He added that he has signed a “Deed Of Confidentiality” with the British Government so he can not share the details of the case.


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