Malala Finally breaks silence over Kashmir Issue

Malala Finally breaks silence over Kashmir Issue


Pakistan News: Malala today, finally tweeted a thread about the current situation in Kashmir and shared stories of girls living under curfew. Schools, colleges, universities are closed in Kashmir and people are confined to their homes.

It’s been more than 40 days that Kashmir is under strict curfew with limited or no movements in the region. Amid this, many taunted Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel peace prize winner from Pakistan to speak-up for the rights of those barred from education. Since she was shot in a school attack, Malala has been a global voice of peace and education rights for young girls. Currently studying politics at the Oxford University, UK, Malala has an influence on millions including decision-makers, politicians and celebrities.

Today Malala broke silence over the issue in her tweets regarding education rights for girls urging international organizations to intervene and talk sense into Indian forces killing thousands under siege.

Being the voice of those in need, people are appreciating Malala on her deep understanding and concern over the issue. However, as the international community continues to thrash India in the news, social platforms and documentaries, people in Kashmir are giving their lives daily. International level protests are being held all over Europe, USA, and other countries, but India still hasn’t eased the lives of those under unfortunate conditions.

Since the curfew started, 41 days ago, people in Kashmir are unable to access basic facilities like health, education and even food. Dialysis patients are dying and with the internet lock-down people are unable to access their medical cards with patient history and conditions. 100’s of youngsters have become the target of illegal and inhumane pellet guns and cluster bombs which India shamelessly denies, but their presence is confirmed by international media outlets like Washington Post and The Guardian.

As we speak, hopes for Kashmir are still high as the whole world is backing the cause, but will this subdue inhumane Indian forces to stop torturing innocents? Share your thoughts in comments.

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