Maira Omair Rana Finally Addressed The LGS Scandal

Maira Omair Rana Finally Addressed The LGS Scandal


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The famous “Pyaar Kay Sadqay” actor Omair Rana and his wife Maira Omair Rana were recently bashed by many students from Lahore Grammar School, imposing startling accusations of involvement in inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment of female students in the institution. Many students dared to take the social media by storm, especially Instagram and Twitter and allegedly exposed the true face of the seemingly decent drama star. Maira Omair Rana quite interestingly, to this day holds an administrative role at LGS 1A1. She was accused of misbehavior with female students, in an attempt to suppress legitimate claims of the students about her husband harassing them in different ways.

Maira Omair Rana Finally Addressed The Situation

A while has passed since the issue was initially brought to media’s attention. Yet both Omair Rana and his wife remained reluctant in addressing the scandal and expressing their side of the story. This was enough for people to actually feed on negativity and formulate an opinion about the duo. However, Maira Omair Rana finally addressed the LGS scandal and decided to take it to Facebook and issued a statement on her private account.

Link To Her Official Post:

Maira Omair Rana Finally Addressed The LGS Scandal

In her statement, she did not fail to let everyone know how she felt about the social media industry bashing her and her husband for allegedly questionable behavior. She also said that she did her absolute best in making sure that all her students felt safe and protected against the heinous enemies of human indecency. She also expressed her sorrow that her students did not find themselves accommodated by her actions.

She stated that the justice system will serve everyone with due justice and time will reveal the truth. Quite noticeably, she did not address at all the matter of her husband sexually harassing students of her school. She believes justice will prevail. And we hope too.

Public Reaction On Her Post

Many of her and her husband’s die hard fans supported her stance, while some people in the comments section did not feel like appreciating her notion with the scandal. A few people suggested that instead to taking the spotlight away from her husband and calling social media notorious for propaganda, she should have apologized to everyone and especially her students who were actually traumatized. By not addressing the allegations on her husband, at this point, she is calling all the claimants a liar.

Maira Omair Rana Finally Addressed The LGS Scandal

Omair Rana has still not uttered a word about the situation and it seems at this point that he will opt to keep silence and let the time fade away the chaos.

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