LUMS increases tuition fee by 41% amid coronavirus outbreak


The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has increased its tuition fee by 41% amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The fight against the coronavirus outbreak has caused many people all over the country to be no longer certain of their financial status. Amidst this uncertainty, LUMS has increased its tuition fee by 41 percent, as per circulating reports.

New Fee Policy

According to the reports, in prior years, the university used to divide its total fee by 20. This resulted in a lower credit hour rate. Now, the university has revamped this policy. Instead of the previous division by 20, the total fee is being divided by 12 credit hours.

Furthermore, due to inflation (as per university officials), the per credit hour has been given an increased of 13 percent. If we consider that, on average, students opt for 16 credit hours per semester, this will add up to a total of 41 per cent increase in the tuition fee. To put things into perspective, the previous fee for 20 credit hours was Rs. 340,200. After the 41 percent increase, it would become Rs. 482,000 for the same number of credit hours.

A “negligible difference” – is what the university is using to cover this bad decision up. Further justifications like this being decided before the COVID-19 outbreak and that it would “discourage students from taking course overloads which negatively impacts their learning” were also given.

While LUMS states that this will ‘increase the semester fees for some and decrease it for others’, reports suggest that majority of students would get affected by the new policy with fee increases.

Backlash On Twitter

Even since the reports started rolling out, LUMS has attracted backlash from students and faculty alike. The general public has also taken part to condemn this decision made by the varsity’s authorities, along with meme-ing them on social media.

Dr. Nida Kirmani – Associate Professor of Sociology at LUMS – also took to her twitter to share her thoughts on the situation. Siding with the affected, she emphasized that universities CANNOT put more pressure on families already suffering from the coronavirus crisis.

Alumni of the university took it upon themselves to debunk the university’s justification on it. Describing them as “blatant lies”, a student made a thread on how the varsity’s official statement does nothing but mislead people.

People did not take much time to meme the absolute heck out of the university either.

This one was an absolute banger as well. 🤣

Joking aside though, hopefully, all this criticism from students and faculty alike will make LUMS reconsider their decision. So much so that they end up reversing to the old policy and reflect on how absolutely moronic the revamp was.


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