Locust Infestation- Another threat to Pakistan after COVID-19


According to the United Nation’s Locust Watch, “Pakistan, along with Iran and Sudan, has been named one of the most endangered locust swarms this year.”

Sources have affirmed that Many African countries, such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda facing a serious threat to food security and livelihoods. The reason is locust breeding grounds are growing in large numbers in the region.



However, almost all countries are taking the necessary steps to cope up with this situation. Uganda establishes an army to spray in the fields in the morning ahead of locust’s takeoff.



Not only many countries are facing the worst infestation in two decades but also the real danger is Cross-border migration that will be unable to control. Kenya and Somalia’s cross border migration is an extreme threat to the country.



As well as that, Pakistan faces a problem with cross-border migration from Iran. But now, there are chances that this locust threat can cause more harm to Pakistan rather than COVID-19 carried from Iran.



The Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) has reported breeding grounds in the southwestern provinces where these insects lay eggs. Likewise, local growth continues in eastern Hormuzgan, where locusts are forming groups.

Even though an emergency has been declared all over Pakistan but preparation in this regard is almost zero. 

On the other hand, the Iranian government is taking steps to curb the menace in the southwestern provinces. Such as South Khuzestan, Bushehr, South Persia, and western Hormozan.

It is noted that Pakistan had been grappling with a locust invasion from Feb 2020. The Ministry of National Food Security and Research declared a national emergency over the growing locust attacks across Pakistan.

China and South Korea help Pakistan lately. China sent emergency aid to control the locus. Whereas South Korea donated $200,000 to help Pakistan counter the worst locust infestation.

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