Locals beat and killed Leopard in Ayubia after an attack on man [Video]

Locals beat and killed Leopard in Ayubia after an attack on man [Video]


A man was attacked and injured by a leopard in Ayubia. The locals of Malkot village adjacent to Ayubia town captured and killed the leopard that attacked their valley and charged at elderly people in the village.

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The Video

One of the witnesses made a video of the attack. Locals beat the wild cat to death. In the video, the leopard is seen attacking the man as he fights back. The predator latched on to the man’s arm and wouldn’t let go. The leopard attempts to get its jaws around the man’s neck.
The old man tried hard to get away from the leopard but end up being helpless.

Finally, some of the locals reached the spot for help but end up killing the animal. They beat the leopard to death.

The locals opened fire on the leopard that ambushed the man and wounded it fatally. They attacked it with sticks and truncheon as it wouldn’t let go of its victim.

Reaction of Authorities

Three people have been booked over killing a prowling leopard in Abbottabad, after capturing it while attacking an elderly man. The case was registered on the complaint of the Wildlife Department.

The wildlife officials of Abbottabad pronounced the leopard dead plunging to baton charge and bullet wounds perpetrated by the locals.

Deforestation-The major reason

Ayubia is a homeland to many of the rare and endangered species like the Asian leopard, black bear, and Musk deer.
Over time, the forests encroached upon commercial buildings. Ayubia’s wildlife habitat degradation is due to the killings of habitants of the Ayubia forest.

Despite efforts at conservation with designating an area for Ayubia National Park, it doesn’t stop people from cutting down more of the forest for firewood and timber.

According to World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), Pakistan, priority species like the common leopard are also threatened by climate change in Ayubia National Park.

For all of these reasons, habitat degradation has led to many leopard attacks. These large cats are solitary animals and leave wildlife survivors. Yet when they lose their homes, they move to areas with more food. Human settlements with livestock make them a clear target.

Leopard Attacks

Back in July 2018, a leopard had attacked two teenagers wandering past the Muree forest. Both boys were badly injured and had to be moved to a hospital. Luckily they both survived.

Just two months ago, a leopard attack was reported in Pawa Sayal, a small village in Abbottabad. Roaming into civilian territory the wild cat attacked and injured a man before being killed by a mob.

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Late last month, a leopard was also spotted in Sindh’s Tharparkar district where big cats, what the Sindh wildlife department says, have not reported historically and were killed by locals.

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