List Of Charges Malik Riaz's Daughters Can Face If Dealt Fairly

List Of Charges Malik Riaz’s Daughters Can Face If Dealt Fairly


After the surface of Uzma Khan’s videos where Malik Riaz’s daughter Amber is brutally beating her along with her 12 guards. Our legal team has compiled a list of charges Amber can face, if dealt like a common person in Pakistan. So here’s the list of Charges that can leveled on Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik:

Breach Of Privacy
Attempt to Murder
Destruction of Private Property
Sexual Harassment
Coerced Confession
Damage to Reputation
Mental Agony

As these charges are for common people only. We really hope that police cooperate in this matter and lodge a FIR on immediate basic and no one should be above the law.It may be unethical and immoral what Uzma Khan did but definitely not a crime, what these two intruders along with 12 guards did was definitely a crime. Law enforcement agencies should take immediate action against this family



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