You Will Be Stunned To Know This Legendary Actor's Salary By PTV

You Will Be Stunned To Know This Legendary Actor’s Salary By PTV


Currently Reading: You Will Be Stunned To Know This Legendary Actor’s Salary By PTV

Pakistani entertainment industry is seemingly bright and vibrant, credits to the great talent and characters this nation has brewed over the span of its existence. However, this vibrancy in reality is a facade to cover the sheer grim and disrespect offered to the very people who made and are contributing in excelling this industry in Pakistan. Rashid Mehmood is a legendary actor, the winner of Pride of Performance, a true national treasure because of his skill set and versatility. Yet, Pakistan’s National Television (PTV) has failed in giving this man even a small percentage of the respect and honor of what he truly deserves. You will be stunned to know this legendary actor’s salary by PTV. Pakistani director Shamoon Abbas was the first person to address this cruelty.

The “Cheque” To Mr. Rashid Mehmood

It is utterly unbelievable on PTV’s behalf to hold the audacity to issue a literal cheque for Rs. 620 against this Pride of Performance winner. This man is one of the most decorated actors in Pakistani entertainment industry. He burned his midnight oil working for PTV and acting in countless of its drama publications. PTV shows no remorse with such behavior and continues to issue cheques of worth Rs. 620. Rashid Mehmood lives below the middle class financial class and has promised that he will never ever work for the national television ever again.

You Will Be Stunned To Know This Legendary Actor's Salary By PTV

The netizens developed momentum on this issue and Twitter is bashing Pakistan’s National Television for this blatant disrespect and questioning the moral values of the entire industry.

Ali Zafar’s Shocking Revelations

After Shamoon Abbas tweeted about Rashid Mehmood, Ali Zafar also jumped on the issue and revealed that sadly, this behavior is not limited to Rashid Mehmood only, rather the entire artist community associated with PTV. PTV is notorious for corruption in funds and taxes, with its CEOs being charged with millions and billions of rupees worth of fraud. And the people who make this industry a success have been left on their own to rot.

This mafia culture is unforgiving and extremely intolerable in today’s age. Rs. 620 is a wage that might have been of significant use in the 18th century. In today’s world, you can barely buy anything with that money.

A society is recognized by how it treats its literary and creative minds, artists and think tanks. There is no doubt left we have failed as a nation. We are NOT a zinda qoum.

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