Lawyers Protests turned into mob at PIC today, 12 patients dead [Videos and details]


PIC Lahore: A mob of lawyers attacked Lahore’s Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) injuring hospital staff, patients and their attendants. 6 patients were reported dead during the lawyers attack at the PIC and doctors are now reporting the death toll to be at least 12.

The unfortunate scenes of the guardians of law violently attacking a hospital have been condemned at every level calling this day as a dark day for the legal fraternity.

The angry protestors attacked not only the staff but the Minister of Information who came in to intervene.


Shamefully, the ‘gentlemen’ in black suits ended up ‘murdering’ innocent patients who were admitted to the hospital.

The protests continued for 2 hours before the police officially intervened and arrested the attackers. Horrifying details of the incident were the inhumane behaviour of the lawyers who didn’t even have the basic humanity to leave the heart patients out of it.

“My father went through heart transplant yesterday. He is on vetilator at PIC. The attackers today hit his attendant staff and I was so helpless how to rescue my father. It has been the most schocking day of my life.” – a crying son

The protests were sparked after the quarrel between PIC staff and two lawyers and then followed by a viral video of a young doctor making fun of the lawyers. However, it is unfortunate that the law custodians of the country didn’t know how to follow the legal channels.

People are angry and anxious to see the government take up the issue urgently and put the responsible people behind the bars. Many instances in the past have shown that the lawyer community has a violent tendency but nothing of this sort has ever happened in the history of Pakistan. The lawyers attack at the PIC is now a challenge for CM Punjab Usman Buzdar who is already in the bad books for lawlessness in the province.

The true irony here is that Hospitals are the sanctuary even in war zones became battlegrounds killing innocent people in broad daylight by the guardians of the law.

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