Lahoris Made A Statue For Ertugrul As A Way To Pay Tribute

Lahoris Made A Statue For Ertugrul As A Way To Pay Tribute


Reading Now: Lahoris Made A Statue For Ertugrul As A Way To Pay Tribute

Diriliş: Ertuğrul or more popularly known as Ertugrul Ghazi now holds the record for one of the most popular and watched drama serial ever in Pakistan. Based on the events in the glorious ancient history of the Muslims in 13th century, this TV serial became an instant hit after it was announced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan himself. People of Pakistan seem to have developed a special sense of attachment with the entire series along with the cast. Pakistanis have bombarded the social media accounts of the Turkish actors and actresses with appreciation and compliments. In return, the celebrities have also paid their gratification and have expressed their desire to visit Pakistan after the pandemic.

Lahore is the city of raw emotion and love. It is one of the most ancient cities of Pakistan rich in its culture and traditions. Along with enjoying tasty food, Lahoris are also fond of keeping their history alive. Inspired by the Turkish drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi, Lahoris made a statue for Ertugrul as a way to pay tribute. This statue will live on tell the magnificent tales of valor to the coming gernerations.

Where Is The Statue Situated?

Maraghzar Housing Scheme located on Multan Road in Lahore is basically famous for its statues. This residential area is already famous for housing statues for a lot of Islamic heroes from the Ottoman Empire. Muhammad Shahzad Cheema is the founder of the housing society. He said that when the residents of the community presented him with this idea, he wasted no time in employing efforts to make this concept a reality.

Lahoris Made A Statue For Ertugrul As A Way To Pay Tribute

He said that he personally took all the responsibility to take this project to fruition. He went to Toba Tek Singh, the place where this statue was crafted. The materials used in the building of this statue include metal and fiber from Kamalia. However, when asked the price, Mr. Shahzad refused to tell about what the entire project cost him. He does not want to reveal the real value of this statue to the public for security purpose.

More Statues To Come

Mr. Shahzad said that this statue was only the first one of the two he has ready for the public eye. He will be revealing the second statue in a matter of few days when he gets enough public attention for the cause.

An interesting thing to be noted is the fact that the nearby square will be renamed to Ertugrul Chowk because of the signature statue in the area.

Where some people do not like the concept of a Turkish drama being broadcast on Pakistani televison (Read Who), there are some people who are willing to go to extremes for the love they have for this TV series.

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