Lahore High Court Reserves Decision on Meesha Shafi's Appeal

Lahore High Court Reserves Decision on Meesha Shafi’s Appeal


The Supreme Court of Lahore (LHC) on Wednesday reserved a verdict on the petition filed by singer Meesha Shafi, against rejection of her review appeal of the mediator’s order in the harassment case against Ali Zafar.

Lahore High Court denied the petition on the grounds that it was without merit as Shafi and her defense team knew the name of the witnesses and had adequate time to prepare cross-examination.

In an appeal in August 2018, Shafi questioned the decision of the Punjab governor and rejected his allegations against Zafar, who accused Zafar of being sexually harassed. Judge Shahid Kareem retained the verdict after the latest allegations of Shafi and Zafar lawyers. The date of the decision was not disclosed.

For the accused, ‘the valuable right to dispute’ must be true, just and reasonable ‘, She mentioned in her appeal.

Hina Jillani’s representative Meesha Shafi said the Punjab Ombudsman. had earlier set aside Shafi’s complaint, wherein, she levelled allegations of sexual harassment against singer and actor Ali Zafar, saying that she was never an employee of the alleged harasser.

She added that the Punjab governor also dismissed the appeal against the mediator’s decision. She believes that the governor and the ombudsman rejected the complaint / appeal without understanding the spirit of the law. She claims that Meesha Shafi was harassed at the workplace by Ali Zafar.

However. On behalf of Ali Zafar, lawyer Ali Sabtain Fazli argued that the complaint and the appeal had been rejected in accordance with the law. He added that the ombudsman can only know the situation of employees and employers, while Meesha is not an employee of Ali Zafar.

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