Lahore court orders FIA to register FIR against Pakistan captain Babar Azam

Lahore court orders FIA to register FIR against Pakistan captain Babar Azam


A woman named Hamiza Mukhtar filed a petition against Babar Azam over getting threatening messages on her Whatsapp, threatening her with dreadful consequences after she filed a case against the Pakistan captain.

A session court in Lahore has ordered the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s Cyber Crime Circle to register a first information report (FIR) against Pakistan captain Babar Azam in a harassment case.

The order came from Judge Hamid Hussain of Lahore High Court. Certainly, after a hearing in Lahore on a petition filed by a woman, on Thursday. Hamiza Mukhtar claimed she had been getting threatening messages on her What’s App from different numbers.

It is pertinent to mention that Hamiza is the same woman who earlier blamed Babar for blackmailing her and fornication with her consent on promises of marriage.

FIA action

At the hearing, the FIA officials informed the court that after Hamiza filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell and they started an inquiry they found one of the numbers used to send the threatening messages belonged to Babar.

Ms. Hamiza has alleged that she was constantly receiving “threatening messages” from different mobile numbers on WhatsApp.

Those unknown persons also used to “threaten and blackmail her that they have her objectionable pictures and videos and will upload (them) on social media to harm her repute in society and ruin her life.”

She said she had approached the FIA to trace the unknown numbers and they found one of them was registered to Babar and two others to two women, Maryam Ahmed and Salme Bibi, who were served notices to join the FIA’s inquiry proceedings to record their version.

However, only Ms. Ahmed appeared in front of the agency and denied knowing the petitioner or sending her abusive messages.

What did the reports say?

According to the report, Ms. Ahmed had stated that she would provide her mobile phone for technical analysis but she failed to do so.

The FIA said Babar’s brother Faisal Azam appeared on behalf of the cricketer. Faisal requested the FIA to “wait for some time” to record Babar’s statement.

However, Babar has not yet appeared for the inquiry, the FIA report said.

In his order, the judge wrote that since a regular inquiry had already commenced on the petitioner’s complaint:

The “respondent is ordered to proceed further concerning registration of FIR against the culprits within the stipulated time after [completion] of legal formalities”.

Earlier this year, the Lahore High Court (LHC) had suspended the order by a sessions court to the Naseerabad police in Lahore. In order to register a case against Babar on Hamiza’s complaint.

Hamiza has also filed harassment, sexual abuse, and other cases against Babar in the court.

Babar’s counsel, Barrister Haris Azmat, told the media┬áthat they would also challenge the latest order in the LHC.

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