KP to Open Up Eight New ‘Eco-Friendly’ Tourist Zones to Promote Tourism


Now Reading: KP to Open Up Eight New ‘Eco-Friendly’ Tourist Zones to Promote Tourism

In a move that is the first of its kind in Pakistan, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Authority has decided to open up eight new tourist zones in the northern province in order to promote tourism in the region. As per reports, the KP Chief Minister (CM) Mahmood Khan personally approved the sites for their establishment. Sources close to the Chief Minister have also stated that the preliminary survey of the mandated tourist sites has reached completion as well.

The KP Integrated Tourism Development (KITE) project will include this development of new tourist zones which will be done in collaboration with the World Bank. The eight identified ‘eco-friendly’ locations for the establishment of said zones include the Munawar valley in Mansehra, Kalash valley in Lower Chitral, Shahi, and Bin Shahi in Lower Dir, Marggoz Dak Sar in Buner, Elm in Buner and Mahabanrr in Buner and Sereen and Jarogudra in Swat.

As per the Managing Director for KP Culture and Tourism Authority, Kamran Afridi, the new tourist zones would not only boost the country’s tourism sector in general but would also ease the burden on the existing tourist spots. Moreover, these will also serve to provide employment opportunities to the people of the northern province.


The managing director also added that the new tourist zones would be equipped with many state-of-the-art facilities, including but not limited to: a communication system, investment plan, golf course, parks, and rest houses.

Reportedly, the Master Plan of the tourist zones will be finalized by the International Consultancy firm before June of 2021. After this, the government will officially release advertisements to promote this venture. The master plan, after its completion, will also be exhibited in the International Tourism Expo in order to attract foreign investment as well as tourists.

Many Development Projects across KP

This development project in the tourism sector isn’t the first one set in motion by the KP authorities. Developments are being made in various other sectors as well. For instance, earlier this month, Pakistan’s first ever motorsports arena was announced by the KP authorities to be set up in Nowshera.

The preliminary model of the project shows the arena featuring a drag race track, off-road track circuits, practice tracks for on-road and off-road driving as well as a go-kart track. A pavilion with a capacity of 3000 seats is also in plans to be built there. The arena is being prepared so that it will also provide services such as petrol stations, washrooms, parking service stations and garages. Shopping malls and large food courts will also be on the premises to host various leisure activities.

Moreover, as shown by pictures shared by PTI on their official twitter account, the KP government will soon inaugurate a ‘state-of-the-art gym facility’ at Hayatabad Sports Complex as well.

The list doesn’t end there. Last month, in October, it was announced by the KP government that a national cricket stadium would be constructed in Kalam Valley, Swat. Before this, back in July, the provincial government also shared a plan for the launch of a cable car project, set to be implemented at the Kumrat valley in the Upper Dir district.

This proposed cable car project, being 14 kilometers long, will connect the Kumrat valley to the Madaklasht valley of Lower Chitral. The planners are of the belief that the proposed cable car would be the highest and longest cable car in the entire world, stating that it would attract an estimated of 8.00 million foreign and local tourists to the province.

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