Who is Dua Mangi and what happened to her?


KARACHI: A young woman, Dua Nisar Mangi, was kidnapped in a tragic incident that took place in DHA, Karachi on Saturday night. Her friend, Haris Fatah who was with her was also shot.

Officials and eyewitnesses told that while Dua Mangi was walking with her friend Haris Fatah in DHA, four or five gunmen who were in a car intercepted them, firing multiple times. They took Dua with them and as a result of their firing, Haris was injured and left wounded on the road.

Reports say that Dua was kidnapped from a popular dhaba-style café, Chai Master Bukhari in a more wealthy area of Karachi.

Famous activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir said on the matter, “Dua Mangi (is) a bright student whom I met during the election campaign last year was abducted last night near Chai Master & her friend Haris was shot.”

However, the details of the incident still remain unclear as the student who was shot, Haris Fateh, is still unable to speak to the police. It is being reported that Haris was shot while he was trying to save Mangi.

The family of Dua Mangi has been in contact with the police since last night, but no suspects or traces of the kidnappers have been identified in connection with the incident.  People on social media have started a campaign in the support of Dua, hoping that her disappearance will attract the attention of the government.

Shortly after the incident, many posts appeared on social networks, informing the public and the authorities of the incident. In accordance with Pakistan’s Criminal Code provisions on abductions and attempted murders, Abdul Fatah, the father of the injured man, registered an FIR against unidentified men at the Darakshan Police Station.

The family of the missing woman also posted statuses on social media regarding the incident after the news channels covered the shocking incident.

My little sister Dua Nisar Mangi has been kidnapped and is now missing, and I request you all to spread this news as far…

Posted by Laila Mangi on Saturday, November 30, 2019

My sister Dua Mangi is being abduct and her friend haris fatah is shot, at this situation please help us if you know her whereabouts. Last scene at chai master dha phase 7

Posted by Motia Nisar Ahmed Mangi on Saturday, November 30, 2019

My cousin, Dua Nisar Mangi, has been kidnapped/missing and her friend has been shot and is in critical condition. The…

Posted by Rahul Hasnain on Saturday, November 30, 2019

People also started posting and sharing their thoughts about the incident on social media.

Some people also blamed the media for such cases occurring in Pakistan.

Some people criticized other people who are victim-blaming Dua and considering it her fault because of the way she dressed.




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