Khalil ur Rehman bashing Marvi Sarmad Live on TV


Whenever we talk about misogyny and scrutiny the first person that pops up our minds is none other than Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and it also is not the first time Marvi got roasted on Live TV by a male (Maybe being a little too nosy?)

Earlier she was abused badly on a Talk show by Hafiz Hamadullah and that time too by not letting others talk. Before this she has a history of fights and she is also being called RAW agent by people here.

Qamar, an infamous director, and writer caught often condemned for his foul language and slander against women. Khalil and Marvi were both on a Talkshow discussing the Aurat March and the verdicts of court. Khalil lost his temper when Marvi chanted the slogan ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’. 


Khalil is famous for his short-tempered and rigid behavior. He got into a scurrilous dispute with a Marvi Sirmed and call her “Ullu ki Pathi” and ” Bitch”

The former journalist Marvi triggered the Khalil-ur-Rehman with a slogan he had previously taken issue with ‘Mera Jisam meri Marzi’, while he was presenting his views. Marvi repeatedly shouted ‘Mera Jisam meri Marzi’, ‘Mera Jisam meri Marzi’ which led this happed.

Khalil ur Rehman not only calls her with abusive names but also body shame her by saying “teray jisam mein aisa hai kiya?”

Meanwhile, the host of the show keeps trying to shut Marvi and Khalil-ur-Rehman, who was continuously abusing and was triggered again and again. the other member of this discussion panel, Senator Molana Faiza Ahmed politely told marvi to talk during her time but she seemed not to listen at that time.

This is not the first time that Khalil throws such filth from his mouth. Nor its the first time Marvi got abused on live TV, which seems to be a habit now.

Earlier, he disrespects the actress Soniya Hussain by calling her an upgraded actress on rejecting the lead role of ‘Mehwish’ in his recent famous drama ‘Meray pas tum ho’. Soniya rejects to play this role by saying “She have issues related to women”.

Famous showbiz celebrities condemn this behavior of Khalil ur Rehman and show their distress at the turn of the situation.





Sherry Rehman has demanded an apology from Neo News Show’s management.



Human Rights Commission of Pakistan asked Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar for an apology on his indecent behavior with Marvi Sermid.



Social media is roaring with rage on Khalil’s disrespectful act. People are calling out TV channels to ban Khalil for a lifetime. Not only this, but a petition to boycott Khalil-ur-Rehman dramas is also circulating on social media. Many out there said banning him maybe helps him to taste his own medicines.




 Marvi Sirmed is trending top on Twitter with a Hashtags of #MeraJismMeriMarzi and #khalilurrehmanqamar. 



People are supporting Marvi and showing outrageous behavior towards Khalil-ur-Rehman.




People are raising questions on the sanity of the actors and especially actresses who work with such an obnoxious person.


Many of the are supporting Khalil ur Rehman and adoring his act and calling Marvi names .



The famous Veena Malik also plays her vital part in supporting Khalil by calling Marvi ” Gainda”. Furthermore, she makes fun of people who are supporting Marvi.



Khalil ur Rehman claims himself to be the biggest supporter of feminism but the dramas he writers tell a different story and show a true contradiction in his words and actions.

His behavior has only encouraged more women to proudly chant why they need activities like Aurat March. Now, everyone believes in important statements like ‘Mera jism meri marzi’.

On the other End Marvi abused countless people on her twitter before this and it seemed to be normal. Meanwhile No feminists got triggered by her abuses to the Male members. Few screenshots of her tweets:


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