Khadija Siddique disassociates herself from Uzma Khan's case- Why so?

Khadija Siddique disassociates herself from Uzma Khan’s case- Why so?


Barrister Khadija Siddique has announced that she no longer wishes to associate herself with Uzman Khan’s case of violence against Malik Riaz’s daughters.

Khadija along with Hassaan Niazi was the part of Uzma’s legal team. Recently Khadija announces this news on Twitter saying:

“This is to announce that we are disassociating from #UzmaKhan case. I understand the reasons for any settlement by two aggrieved women in a rigged system; my conscience doesn’t allow me to be part of any of that, even in a professional capacity. Struggle against lawlessness continues” 

While talking to media Khadija said, “She has information about case settlement between Uzma and Malik Riaz’s family.”

Further, she doesn’t find this out of court settlement is wrong because it seems impossible for two women to fight against the system. Even though Khadija decides to disassociate herself from Uzma’s case and never wanna be the part of her legal team again.

Uzma’s statement about the settlement

The news of a settlement between both parties is yet not confirmed. Earlier Uzma Khan revealed that she was being offered for settlement and even her lawyers are under extensive pressure.

However, Malik Riaz rejected all the allegations and tweeted about the official start of the legal proceedings against Uzma Khan. Further, He will file defamation suits against anyone who tries to implicate him and his family in such heinous acts.

His lawyer, Azhar Siddiqui posted a video regarding this case.

Further, Azhar demanded Rs 5 billion from Uzma and her legal team for defaming the business tycoon Malik Riaz and his family without any solid grounds.

Today’s Update

Meanwhile, Today The Sessions Court granted interim bail to the three women that are business tycoon Malik Riaz’s two daughters, Pashmina Malik and Amber Malik, and her niece, Amna Usman Malik.

Three of them along with 15 others bragged into Uzma Khan’s house and tortured her for having an affair with Amna Malik’s husband.

On May 27, police registered a case against them but after their interim bail, the court ordered them to issue bail bonds of Rs 50,000. The court also issued notices to the concerned SHOs and sought case records on the next date of hearing.

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