Man in Kasur Shamelessly Admits to Sexually Abusing 15-Year-Old Daughter


Now Reading: Man in Kasur Shamelessly Admits Sexually to Abusing 15-Year-Old Daughter

Horrendous stories of abuse, rape and torture against children, women and minor communities continue to haunt the Pakistani society. As evident from the recent Motorway rape incident that has the whole nation still shaken to the murdering of activists speaking up for the oppressed trans community, there is no one that is safe from the monsters roaming among us. More evidence comes from this case of a father, someone who is supposed to be the protector to his children, shamelessly admitting to sexually abusing his 15-year-old daughter.

A man hailing from Punjab’s Kasur district has admitted to sexually assaulting his teenage daughter along with his brother and neighbor. The single “father” is named Ajmal who, along with his brother Amjab and neighbor Arham, continued to sexually abuse his minor daughter for four months. All three of the accused and the victim are residents of the Gunjiyan village of the Kasur district.

Speaking to a media outlet, Ajmal revealed that he got separated from his wife four years ago. His wife took 3 of their 4 daughters with her and left one of them with him. Ajmal stated:

“After the divorce, my wife left one daughter with me while she took the other three [children]. I don’t know what happened to me, but I started sexually abusing her four months ago, along with my brother and neighbor.”


As per the reports, Ajmal’s family was in on it and knew about the abuse but took no action against him. However, after MONTHS of sexual abuse, Ajmal’s sister was forced to intervene and took her home as the poor teen’s condition continued to deteriorate. However, that didn’t stop the monster from coming over and continuing to abuse his daughter.

Kasur Overrun with Cases of The Same Nature

This heartbreaking issue came to light after the girl got a chance to escape to her grandfather, who then informed the police of this and a case was registered against the accused. Despite this, Ajmal continued to show absolutely no remorse and said that he would do it again if he got the chance. Reportedly, Ajmal stated: “If she had not escaped, we would have continued to abuse her.”

What an absolutely disgusting this to say and do! The PM recently said that rapists should be subjected to public hangings and those involved in the worst sex crimes should be punished by chemical castration. This instance absolutely qualifies for the latter. What’s worse is that this isn’t the first such case happening in the Kasur district. Kasur has drawn international attention to its recurring cases of sexual abuse of children in recent years, especially after the Zainab case in which a six-year-old girl was raped, brutally murdered and left in a trash heap


Moreover, there was also the case of the rape of 4 Chunian minor boys, that of an addict father who killed his six-year old daughter to take “revenge” from his wife for mistreating him and another one of a father who had planned to kill his eight-year-old daughter just to frame his opponents, all hailing from Kasur.

One would be inclined to think that when all this has happened, the police would treat it as a priority area and the abusers wouldn’t be able to walk among their potential victims. But unfortunately, till this date, cases of sexual abuse and violence continue to surface in large numbers in Kasur.

These incidents, almost all involving the supposed guardians of the victims serving as their abusers really makes one think whether children are even safe with their fathers and relatives anymore. Just where is our society headed?


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