Kashmiri boy dies of Indian brutality

Kashmir-A 16 years old boy dies of brutality by Indian Forces


After India revoked article 370 in Kashmir snatching their special status that has been their identity for the past 70 years dividing Kashmir into two dominions controlled by the Indian Government. This step infuriated the Kashmiris over the Indian Government. People started to protest against this decision of the state and to suppress their voice internet,mobile phone service and landline connection of the whole valley was cut down.

On August 6 a 16 year old boy,Asrar Ahmed Khan, was playing cricket in the streets of Kashmir while the Indian Forces opened fire on the crowd.one of these fires hit Asrar and he was on the ground ,the next moment. When he was taken to the hospital he was in a very critical condition. He was put on the ventilator but his condition got more worse in the past few days and unfortunately he died on Tuesday.This is the first officially confirmed death by the Indian Forces since lock down in the valley.

According to the witnesses he died of a buckshot from an Indian Soldier as he was playing cricket. The Indian Authorities admitted that Asrar died due to the wounds he got on Aug 6,but still they say that there was no specific reason for his death. The Indian Commander,Lt.Gen.K.S.Dhillon, said that he died of a stone thrown by the crowd towards the Indian Soldiers.

Asrar was a very smart child in the school. He got 495 out of 500 in his recent exams.His family says that he was always a happy boy and never had any interest in protests.His mother says that the only mistake he made was going outside in the streets to play cricket that night.

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