Karachi Stock Exchange Terrorist Attack: 4 gunmen killed on point

Karachi Stock Exchange Terrorist Attack: 4 gunmen killed on point


Karachi: At least seven people have died in the result of shots from gunmen who attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi, a police officer confirmed.

According to the statement, On Monday before 10 am, 4 gunmen stormed the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). First, they hurled a grenade at the building and then entered the building complex firing heavily.

According to the details, two attackers were killed at the gate and the other two inside the building complex. One sub-inspector and two security guards embraced shahadat in the attack. Seven people got injured including three police officers.

There are multiple videos of attack are surfacing on the internet.

The Real Strategy

However, the Police said modern weapons, grenades, and explosives were recovered from the terrorists’ possession. Security forces are also inspecting the car in which they came to attack.

Moreover, Bomb disposal unit officials started their search at the scene for any explosive material including the car.

Besides this, a police officer said ‘They found food items from the attackers which indicates that they were planning a long siege.’

Eye Witness

The staff of Edhi center witnessed the incident as their office is located opposite the PSX.

“We heard the explosions of the grenade from our building. we witnessed that Police and security forces responded to the attack, killing all four attackers.”

Likewise, a broker Yaqub Memon who was inside the building at the time of the attack told media: ” At the sound of explosion and gunfire, he and others ran inside the offices and stay there until everything clears up”

Trading didn’t close

PSX Board Chairman Sulaiman S. Mehdi said:

“Trading didn’t close even for a minute”.

Further, he appreciates the efforts of police and the security guards by saying:

“There is no doubt that it was a terrorist attack. I want to thank the security guards who embraced martyrdom for their services. The response from the police and security forces was incredible. Our guards didn’t allow them to enter the building at any cost”

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