Karachi Port docked its largest container ship to date

Karachi Port Docks Its Largest Trade Ship Yet


Karachi port is one of the busiest and biggest ports in the world because of its geographical importance. This port connects the western hemisphere of the planet to the eastern hemisphere of the planet and Pakistan benefits of this port by huge economical exponents. Quite recently, this port has seen a historic day in its commercial history. Karachi Port Trust (KPT) reported that Karachi Port docked its largest container ship to date.

The Southampton Express

This beast of an ocean trader is the biggest ship in the world with respect to capacity. With a mind-wrenching total limit of 12,600 commercial grade containers advised to be carried in a single go, The Southampton Express is one fascinating bit of human innovation and engineering.

The dimensions of this ship are humbling to most other container carriers in the world. This ship has a length of 366.1 meters and stretches wide at the base for upto 48.3 meters. A big 14 meter chunk of this ship is not even visible as it is immersed in the water. This ship is widely used all across the globe for ocean route trading.

Karachi Port docked its largest container ship to date

Recently, as reported by KPT, Karchi port has docked this humongous ship successfully in the South Asian Pakistan Terminal. The ship will leave the port with 2000 containers from Pakistan.

Corona-virus SOPs

Chairman of the Karachi Port Trust has issued exclusive directives to make sure that all standard procedures are being carried out in the light of instructions issued by the government. Adequate steps will be taken to ensure the safety of the work-force working on the port and hygienic standards will not be compromised.

KPT also issued orders for COVID-19 testing of the crew commanding the ship. Fortunately, no member among the crew has shown signs of the infection and are perfectly healthy.

It is also being reported that the trade area is regularly disinfected thoroughly to prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, so that this beautiful port of Pakistan can run its operations without a hunch.

Karachi Port docked its largest container ship to date

Karachi Port Trust is proud of its achievement as Karachi port docked its largest container ship to date.


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