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Karachi Port Breaks World Record For Bulk Cargo Handling in a Day


Now Reading: Karachi Port Breaks World Record For Bulk Cargo Handling in a Day

Reports from various Media outlets came out on Thursday, stating that the Karachi Trust Port (KPT) has broken the world record for the most bulk cargo handled by any port in a single day. and consequently, has set a new record for said fact. This information was first revealed by the Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs – Ali Haider Zaidi.

According to the reports, the Karachi Port set this new world record by unloading a whopping weight of 11,802 tons in a single day. Sources said that ‘MV Carriages’ offloaded this extraordinary amount of fertilizer at the port.

Previous World Records

It is important to note that the Karachi port also held the preceding 2 world records for handling the most amount of bulk cargo in one day. Way back in 2003, the Karachi Port had attained this accomplishment for the very first time by shipping record fertilizer within a time frame of just a single day.

Karachi Port

Then, just 3 years later in 2006, the port broke its own previous record by, once again, offloading record fertilizer in one day. Sources have stated that the Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) was responsible for setting these two world records in discharging and packing fertilizer at the port, both in 2003 as well as in 2006.

The Karachi Port has been on a roll this year. Previously this year i.e. back in April, Karachi Port had also curtailed its biggest ship – the Southampton Express – at the South Asia Pakistan Terminals. This ship carried around 12,600 containers.

Now with the new world records and the fact that it handles about 60% of the nation’s cargo, it is clear that the KPT is indeed an extraordinary important asset to the country. As such, it must be preserved at all costs!

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