Karachi ‘Molvi’ accused of Sexually Abuse minor boys of his Madrassah

Karachi ‘Molvi’ accused of Sexually Abuse minor boys of his Madrassah


A minor boy from Karachi Madrassa finally breaks his silence to reveal the sinful face of the Maulvi. The Maulvi sexually abused the boy and other students many times.

Back Story

 A Muslim cleric was caught abusing a minor boy in a local madrasa in Karachi. Although he was caught molesting one minor boy, he had several victims in the religious seminary. The cleric even shamelessly confessed to having committed the crime.

This irked locals and they took matters into their own hands and thrashed the religious teacher. 

Karachi ‘Molvi’ accused of Sexually Abuse minor boys of  his Madrassah

The issue was highlighted after the Maulvi Sahab himself confessed his sins and wrongdoings publicly. People around him make a video of his confession but due to some insensitive content, it’s not appropriate to be seen.

When one of the victims was asked for a statement on how the abuse took place, the boy said;

“Gandi harkatein kartay hain. [He would do vile things with us]”

Child Sexual Abuse in Madrassahs

Harassment, child sexual abuse, and even torture go unchecked in madrassahs, making them an open playing field for child predators. Child predators in seminaries destroy the lives of innocent children seeking religious education.

It is horrible to note that people who teach the sacred text of the Holy Quran can commit these horrific acts. We expect them to play a major role in shaping their student’s lives as per Islamic studies and laws.

However, Madrasas are the only means of education available for the most neglected factions of society. According to the official statistics, there are around 32,000 madrasas attended by at least 2.5 million students in Pakistan. This only accounts for registered madrassahs.

It is completely shocking to see how sick-minded people are living in this society and keep on violating and disrupting the sanctity of an institution.

Although Pakistan’s education ministry has taken measures to introduce a uniform modernized curriculum for all, will this change the culture within madrassahs?

Education may provide knowledge but is a child’s awareness that child sexual abuse is a crime enough to stop child predators?

Until then such predators will continue to openly live in society. Capital punishment won’t be much of a deterrent either, as research shows pedophiles’ brains operate in such a way that they have no regard for consequences.

PM Khan thoughts about Sexual Crimes

Even our Prime Minister blames Fahashi as the root cause of rape culture, which is quite an unsettling statement. During his telethon call, Pm replied to one of the callers who asked about the rampancy in rape culture in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister then linked the rise of vulgarity in the country to the mounting sexual aggression that surfaces as sexual crimes.

Consequently, the establishment needs to make and follow strict laws for calling out such crimes.

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