Karachi Has Been Facing The Worst Black Outs In History

Karachi Has Been Facing The Worst Black Outs In History


News Today: Karachi Has Been Facing The Worst Black Outs In History

Calling Karachi “the city of lights” feels like an insult to the mega-metropolitan in present times. Karachi has been facing the worst black outs in history as K-Electric fails to meet the production target. The reason for this shortfall is being considered the inability of the federal government to supply K-Electric with the adequate amounts of furnace fuel. According to K-Electric, the production plants altogether need a gross total of 2.8 metric tonnes of furnace oil daily to meet the demands. However, the federal government is hardly keeping up with the numbers and consistently failing to feed the company with required resources.

Power outages last as long as 12 hours and even more in remote areas. People in Karachi have resorted to take the roads against the authorities who are responsible for this crisis and consequent agony of the public. This is especially disastrous in times like these when a pandemic is lingering over our heads constantly and waiting for people to interact. Brutal load shedding as well as the humid summer of Karachi have forced Karachiites to break self-isolation and forced them to go out for a gasp of air.

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Consistent Blame Game

No relevant authority is ready to accept the blame whatsoever and at this point, it does not even matter. People of Karachi are being affected to sheer extents, jeopardizing their health and well-being, thanks to negligent and idiotic administration.

Students are being drastically affected because of power shortage because due to the pandemic, most students are using online portals to take classes or tests. And not everybody owns or needs to own a robust laptop with decent battery life. Students with PCs as their hardware choice are growing in desperation every passing day.

More importantly, the citizens of Karachi who are already fed up of the critical water shortage are now facing another crisis which is contributing to worsening of the water shortage situation. Electric pumps are not working and many houses do not have water even for domestic purposes. It is hard to imagine what our Karachiites are going through at the moment.

Notice Taken By NEPRA

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) took notice of the crisis looming in Karachi and has lodged an official in-depth investigation for who is responsible for such a miserable situation. Electricity is the fundamental right of every taxpaying citizen and Karachi seems to not be aware of this concept.

Even with most factories closed, K-Electric is failing to keep up with the power supply. And this seems quite suspicious on K-Electric’s part. Whatever the case may be, people in Karachi are suffering, and some thing needs to be done with immediate effect.

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