Will Karachi Actually Become A Federal Territory?

Will Karachi Actually Become A Federal Territory?


Currently Reading: Will Karachi Actually Become A Federal Territory?

Notorious and rejected leader of Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain from London issued a new statement which initiated quite a controversy in Pakistan on every platform. He stated that Pakistan Army and Intelligence Services of Pakistan in collaboration with the government and Chinese aid have been designing a plan to declare Pakistan’s famous metropolitan Karachi, a federally governed territory. He said that the government had shown interest in getting a hold of the mega-city’s resources and infrastructure a long time ago and now they are planning it to fruition.

His statement went like this “Pakistan Army and ISI along with China have completed its nefarious design to declare Karachi a federal territory to usurp its resources.” He added “According to the nefarious design, under the guise of the task of cleaning the city, Karachi is being handed over to the Army.” Whatever Altaf Hussain has to say about this potential happening, people of Karachi seem quite excited. So will Karachi actually become a federal territory?

Sad Reality Of Karachi

The grave problems of Karachi are not a hidden reality anymore. The recent urban flooding exposed all the bogus slogans of politicians claiming to have developed the city. The city and its citizens are suffering from the worst type of crisis at the moment, including acute shortage of water at domestic scale, dirty and stale water for drinking purposes, unimaginably huge heaps of rubbish and manure in common streets, non-functional regional institutions and corruption in every department. Karachi is truly in need of a savior who can protect the city from the rotting politicians which have lasted for more than 30 years and completely destroyed the city.

Will Karachi Actually Become A Federal Territory?

The once city of lights has been left at the mercy of people blaming each other to save themselves. The approval of Article 149-4 of the constitution, in simpler terms, would place Karachi under the rule of Federal government. This will allow the federal government to own administrative control of the city.

Expectations Of Karachiites

Karachiites have a long list of expectations in case the federal government hopes to take control of the city. Anywhere from garbage collection and disposal, providing drinking water, or untreated sewage which is dumped into the sea. Moreover, ideal healthcare or hospital management, revamping of primary and secondary education. The recent urban flooding put most Pakistanis in depression, as the imagery is nowhere near the Karachi from 30 years ago.

Altaf Hussain says that Pakistani army has landed in Karachi for management of the drainage crisis in the streets but will end up taking control of the city.

Will Karachi Actually Become A Federal Territory?

If declaring Karachi a federal capital would mean a better Karachi than before, people are more than welcoming to the concept.

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