Kabul Attack: Babies brutally murdered as gunmen attacked maternity ward


A woman holding her newborn in her arms lying with a wall covered in blood and with no signs of life. No, it’s not a movie scene.

Kabul Attack: At 10 am, 3 gunmen stormed at ‘Doctors Without Borders’ maternity ward in Kabul shooting indiscriminately killing 2 babies among 16 others. They gained access to the hospital by wearing police uniforms.

At the time of entry militant throw grenades, killed many and injured numbers of patients and hospital staff. Many of the foreign staff has accommodation behind the Dasht-e-Barchi Hospital. No reason for brutal and inhumane Kabul attack has come to the surface. Tareq Arian, Interior ministry spokesman has told the media about the safe evacuation of three foreign nationals among others.

Sources have affirmed that at the time of the attack there were about 140 people in the hospital including many foreigners. Besides killing 16 innocent people, there are many more injured during the attack.

The same day, in the country’s east, a suicide bomber killed 24 people at a funeral. The attack like this wasn’t acclaimed by the Taliban.

Afghan security forces rescued almost 100 people safe and sound and shift the injured to the other hospitals. There were three foreigners too among rescued people.

At last, Afghan special security forces killed militants after the long hours of fire exchange.

Eye-Witnesses statements

While talking to AFP news agency a doctor who fled at the moment said:

“I heard the sound of an explosion and there was total panic in the hospital as it was full of people at that time.”

Another eye witness named Ramazan Ali, a vendor told Reuters news agency:

“The attackers were shooting at anyone in this hospital without any reason. It’s a government hospital, and a lot of people bring in their women and children for treatment.”


After the attack, Mr Ghani ordered the Afghan security to activate ‘offensive mode’ and do whatever necessary to get to the bottom.

He added,

“This approach has been adopted to protect public places and prevent attacks and threats by the Taliban and other terrorist groups.”

However, the Taliban didn’t take the responsibility of this attack so far. They released a statement claiming Ghani’s announcement as a “Declaration of war.”

As the whole world is already facing the consequences of the pandemic, the news is received in shock and horror throughout the world.

Certainly, The question arises here is “What about peace talks?


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