K-Electric Mafia Forced Karchiites To Break Self-Isolation

K-Electric Mafia Has Forced Karachiites To Break Self-Isolation


News Today: K-Electric Mafia Forced Karachiites To Break Self-Isolation

Pakistan has always faced notoriety for belonging to one of those countries where load shedding exists to this day. This problem has been lingering for decades in Pakistan with no government paying enough heed to the suffering of the common man. In the last decade, even though Pakistan has been able to get a grasp of the issue by lowering the extent of load shedding hours, this still does not guarantee the fact that Pakistan has an efficient power production and distribution system.

And out of all days, this summer is the worst time to prolong load shedding hours. Especially in Karachi where the weather is usually extremely humid and where heat waves have become a part of the climate. The daunting thing about this is that more than half of the COVID-19 patients have been self-isolating themselves at home in Karachi. However, with poor maintenance and new load shedding schedule, K-Electric mafia has forced Karachiites to break self-isolation.

Helpless Citizens Of Karachi

K-Electric has been following a random schedule for cutting off power for the entire Karachi. This is especially horrifying for the people who have become a victim of the pandemic and are ailing, resting at home so that they can recover fast. However, K-Electric does not seem to care a lot about what is going on outside of its bubble. People have been sharing their painful stories of how they have been dealing with such brutality.

Doctors and experts are condemning this style of K-Electric because it can actually prove to be life-threatening. People may sweat profusely and that can lead to dehydration which is extremely damaging for immunity, a crucial defense against COVID-19. To add insult to injury, COVID-19 patients have been leaving their houses to get any bit of fresh air and this will surely result in further spread of the virus.

K-Electric Mafia Forced Karchiites To Break Self-Isolation

According to details, power disconnections last from 1 hour to 6 hours of continuous power outage. In some areas, power sometimes restores after 12 hours. If this is not the pinnacle of inhumane service, we do not know what is. If the government cannot manage to provide its taxpaying citizens the basic right to electricity, it should resign.

Some Stories Of Agony-Bearing Patients

Kamran is a resident of Pakistan Quarters in Garden West Karachi. He was tested positive with COVID-19 and he did not find himself in strong health. He sent his wife and kids to Islamabad to a safe place where they were least likely to get or give any exposure. He lived alone for about two weeks in his flat alone and in this entire tenure, K-Electric made sure to make his life a living hell.

He constantly had to battle with a whopping 102 degrees fever along with ridiculous amounts of load shedding which put all his fans and air conditioners to rest. He also suffered from shortage of breath and the humid stagnant atmosphere helped in aggravating his condition. He ultimately had to resort to go out into his balcony to get a chunk of fresh air.

When asked for some alternative solution to electricity, he said that many people in the area had had their UPS and generators removed because of the fact that his area had been declared load shedding free – that because of the fact that all people in the area used to pay their bills in time and duly.

K-Electric Mafia Forced Karchiites To Break Self-Isolation

Faraz Ashraf is a 39 year old IT manager who refuses to have his life regulated by K-Electric. He has spent Rs. 40,000 on a solar panel solution which will now power his house. He says that during these uncertain times spending such bulks of money feels very uncomfortable to do, but when one thinks about the pain of suffering through K-Electric’s bogus system, it looks like a far better investment.

K-Electric’s Rotten Stance

K-Electric’s CEO Moonis Alvi issued a statement saying that K-Electric was not at fault, rather the government is failing to provide enough furnace oil for the company to produce adequate amounts of electricity for the consumer of Karachi. The furnace oil required daily for electricity production lies around 2.8 metric tonnes whereas the government is only providing 2 metric tonnes per day. Furthermore, technical complications do take place and the teams work round the clock in order to fix them.

K-Electric Mafia Forced Karchiites To Break Self-Isolation

At the end of the day, this is the same typical rant all companies throw out of their media cells when their inability and incompetency overpowers quality control and merit based policies. It does not matter who is responsible for this energy crisis. The fact that the common man has to suffer, especially in times like these when people cannot even leave their homes, WHILE paying all bills and taxes is extremely pathetic and saddening.

K-Electric Mafia Forced Karchiites To Break Self-Isolation

The above photo is just a bare minimum example of what Karachiites have to say for K-Electric. All views cannot be mentioned here because justifiably, they have some “foul” language in them.

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