#JusticeforUsamaNadeemSatti: Young Man Allegedly Shot Dead by Islamabad Police


Now Reading: #JusticeforUsamaNadeemSatti: Young Man Allegedly Shot Dead by Islamabad Police

In yet another case of what is shaping up to be an instance of police brutality, a young man was killed in Islamabad after an anti-terror squad allegedly opened fire on a vehicle on Friday night. As per police sources, the young man’s vehicle was shot on Islamabad’s Srinagar Highway reportedly after he ignored multiple police warnings to stop. The youth was later identified as a 21-year-old student named Usama Nadeem Satti.

An Islamabad Police spokesperson has told the media that the police were doing what they did on a tip-off about a robbery attempt made in the area of Shams Colony. He added that when the anti-terror squad finally did reach the locality, they spotted a ‘suspicious looking vehicle’ that had tinted windows and asked it to pull over.

When the driver failed to comply to the squad’s instructions, the police chased the vehicle and shot at its tires. Unfortunately, a couple of stray bullets hit the driver, the spokesperson added. The young student’s body was then taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for a post-mortem. A PIMS spokesperson – Waqas Khawaja – said that the autopsy revealed information contradicting the police’s claims i.e. Usama was actually shot six times in the head, head, left arm and the waist.


Family Disputes Police Claims

The police’s statement was soon disputed by Usama’s family as his father has claimed that his son was just returning home after dropping off a friend at 2 am. He revealed that Usama had told him about his said that Usama had informed him about his squabble with the policemen who then threatened him and warned of dire consequences. Furthermore, he has claimed that 16 to 17 bullet marks are present on the car’s body but not a single bullet was shot on the tyres.

Usama’s father requested Prime Minister Imran Khan and Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed to take notice of the incident and provide him justice. “My son was shot multiple times. They [anti-terror squad] openly committed terrorism by aiming fire on windows instead of tires. The anti-terror squad should be charged with terrorism,” the father stated.

As such, the Inspector-General (IG) of Islamabad Police soon notice of the incident and formed special teams consisting of SP Saddar, directing the CTS superintendent of police (SP) to investigate the incident and take action accordingly. SP Zubair Shaikh had stated that a first information report (FIR) was filed under  under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) at the Karachi Company Police Station in the Federal Capital against five personnel of the anti-terror squad.


The Islamabad Police spokesperson then emphasized that no one would be allowed to take the law into their own hands and that the matter is being investigated as fast as it can be. He assured that action would indeed be taken against police officials who would be found guilty in the case. Following this, five CTF personnel have been arrested for being suspects in the case, including a sub-inspector.


Soon after the incident made rounds on media outlets, twitter has been trending with the hashtag #JusticeForUsamaNadeemSatti. People are demanding justice for Usama and are asking the authorities to severely punish those responsible in the murder. Authorities are also being questioned for allowing incidents like this to repeat time and time again.

Netizens are asking for the police departments to be held responsible for not having the necessary professionalism that could have prevented this loss of an innocent life. As per them, this is a blatant murder and the trend #JusticeforUsamaNadeemSatti goes above just a single instance of such brutality and instead against an entire system.

This is truly a tragic incident that unfortunately showcases how deeply corrupted and flawed our systems have become. to the point that the people who are supposed to be protecting us are the ones killing us instead. We condemn this with all our heart and hope that the people responsible are held accountable for it!


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