Jemima Lauds Cab Driver For Staying Calm Despite Getting Abused For His Ethnicity


Reading Now: Jemima Lauds Cab Driver For Staying Calm Despite Getting Abused For His Ethnicity

On June 5, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Ex-wife – Jemima Marcelle Goldsmith – lauded and gave “Shabash” to a Pakistani British cab driver for maintaining his cool when confronted by a racist who abused, threatened and yelled at the cab driver for his ethnicity.

Twitter user – Andrew Neill – first uploaded the video demonstrating this racial prejudice on his twitter. The video showed a British passenger in the cab of a Pakistani driver. Yelling at the driver, the passenger said; “Who do you think you are? You think you’re something special? Pakistan?! But I’ll tell you what. NO! No wonder the Indians are bombing you!” Clearly uncomfortable, the driver kept on searching his bag looking for change and very calmly answered, “I don’t think about who I am. Have fun”.

Despite this, the passenger continued abusing the driver. Resorting to an even worse tone and harsher words, he said in a threatening manner, “By the way, this is England! And you’re in a f****** job in England! So you should respect this country!”

Jemima’s Praises For The Cab Driver

The video started making massive rounds on the internet after Jeremy Vine, an English Journalist, further shared this video. “Politest cab driver in the world right here. No words for the piece of human litter on the back seat,” said Jeremy. Quoting this tweet, Jemima paid her respect to the driver and gave “Shabash” to him on maintaining his composure. She tweeted;

“Shabash & respect to this Pakistani-British cab driver keeping his cool in the face of unspeakable racist abuse from a grotesque thug.”

She continued to fight for the driver when a person started victim-shaming him. “Award-winning British journalist” – Martin R Jay – tried to spin the narrative but Jemima didn’t let him. Responding to him, she emphasized that “Racism needs exposing.”

The Authorities’ Action

Thankfully, all the social media attention this video got made the police take action. The West Midlands Police of the UK have assured that the police have arrested the offender. They further confirmed that they are also in talks with the victim of this racial abuse.

Jemima has defended and supported Pakistan and its people on many occasions in the past and it is great to see that she is still doing so. God bless her!


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