Jail Guards Allegedly Used Famous Kid's Song 'Baby Shark' to Torture Prisoners

Jail Guards Allegedly Used Famous Kid’s Song ‘Baby Shark’ to Torture Prisoners


Two former detention officers at an Oklahoma jail tortured the prisoners by forcing them to listen to the song “Baby Shark” on repeat.

An investigation confirms that at least four prisoners at the Oklahoma County jail were forced to stand for hours with their handcuffed behind their backs. While the kid’s rhyme played on a loop at loud volume last November and December.

Jail Guards Allegedly Used Famous Kid's Song 'Baby Shark' to Torture Prisoners

We all know the lyrics of Baby Shark, and most of us agreed that they are senseless and annoying. If you have a toddler in your house, you can literally relate your situation with the prisoners.

Who were the cruel officers?

The ex-officers, Gregory Cornell Butler Jr., 21, and Christian Charles Miles, 21, were charged on Monday. Certainly for conducting inhuman behavior with the prisoners after a mutual conspiracy.

Jail Guards Allegedly Used Famous Kid's Song 'Baby Shark' to Torture Prisoners

A newspaper publishes the documents obtained from the court. In which Miles allegedly confirmed that he and Butler “systematically worked together”. Consequently, they used an attorney visitation room at the jail “as a means to discipline inmates and teach them a lesson.”

Moreover, Butler also confirmed that he used the booth as a means of punishment. An investigator wrote in an affidavit filed in the case.

“The playing of the music was said to be a joke between Miles and Butler.”

However, the repetitive tune put “extreme emotional stress on the inmates who were most likely already suffering from physical stressors,” the investigator wrote.
As per reports, Both of the officers resigned during the investigation.

Their 50-year-old supervisor named Christopher Raymond Hendershott. He also charged for allegedly knowing about the miscreant method and doing nothing to stop it.

Statements from authorities

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said he would have filed felony charges if that had been an option.

“It was unfortunate that I could not find a felony statute to fit this fact scenario,” Prater said. “I would have preferred filing a felony on this behavior.”

Sheriff PD Taylor was in charge of jail operations at the time. He said he immediately suspend the inmates after learning the whole situation.

‘We don’t tolerate it,’ he said.

Kid’s Rhymes- a tool for torture

The Oklahoma County jail is one of the most notorious prisons in the country, with more than 40 lawsuits by former inmates and guards alike. Music has used to torture war prisoners. That can include sleep-deprivation due to not being able to sleep from too much noise.

This is not the first time a children’s song has used for torture. The US used Sesame Street songs to torture Iraqi prisoners in 2003.

In case you never hear the infamous “Baby Shark”, here you go.

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