Italian nurse commits suicide in the fear of spreading Coronavirus


Italy is currently in third place at the World Meter of Coronavirus cases. The toll of patients rises to 80,589 with 8,215 deaths. This is an alarming condition which is leaving many of the patients in stress, anxiety, and fear of death.


Daniela Trezzi, 34 years old, Italian Nurse commits suicide in the wake of testing positive for Coronavirus. She had been suffering from stress and anxiety amid fears that she may spread this contagious virus while treating patients.


Daniela was working in the emergency unit of San Gerardo Hospital in Monza. While her duty she started feeling sick and test herself which ultimately came positive and she takes her life afterward.



The National Federation of Nurses of Italy declared its “pain and dismay” over Trezzi’s passing, which came as the death toll rises to more than 8,000.

Daily Mail reported that

“According to the Hospital’s general manager Mario Alparone, Trezzi had been “homesick” since March 10 and that “she was not under surveillance.”


“Every one of us has picked this profession for good and sadly for bad too: we are attendants,” the league said.

Some Facts


Sources have affirmed that “a similar episode had happened a week ago in Venice, with the same underlying reasons.”

The Italian research foundation reports that “According to the stats, Almost 5,760 health care workers have been infected with Coronavirus until now.”

“The Italian region, Lombardy, is one of the areas with the highest number of infections and deaths.” The major reason is the patients infecting medical staff who then spread the disease around their communities before a lockdown was imposed.

The director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Giuseppe Remuzzi said that “Patients infected other patients and doctors who then went out and contaminated others.”

Guido Marinoni, the head of the local association of general practitioners straighten the stats by saying,” 22% of family doctors had fallen sick or were quarantined in Bergamo, Lombardy’s northeastern city.”

Besides this, “Three doctors lost their lives due to Coronavirus.”

Moreover, “the condition in nursing homes is worst with nearly 1,500 health care workers infected out of just over 5,800.”

Due to this very reason, “the army has stepped in to move bodies to other provinces because the local cemetery was too full.”

Dreadful toll
  • The total number of deaths in Italy is more than in China according to the overall population of both countries.
  • China, where Coronavirus was originated almost overcomes this virus.
  • Doctors in Italy have warned the country is facing a “catastrophic” situation.
  • Italy’s 8% of the total cases are medicals workers.

Now, the USA and Italy are in their worst phase of Coronavirus fight.  Day-to-day rising deaths are causing many of the patients to panic and fear of death.






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