History Cries With The Latest Israeli Commercial Flight EL-971

History Cries With The Latest Israeli Commercial Flight EL-971


Currently Reading: History Cries With The Latest Israeli Commercial Flight EL-971

Muslims around the globe never thought they would live to witness such a heart-wrenching moment. United Arab Emirates under the presidency of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, catalyzed by the United States, signed an official decree with Israel to perish all boycott whatsoever. And consequently, history cries with the latest Israeli commercial flight EL-971 to Abu Dhabi. This commercial flight brought official delegations from Israel and the United States to UAE, marking a new beginning of friendly economic and logistic ties with the country. The US Ambassador to Israel, David M. Friedman tweeted out of joy, mesmerized by the very sight of an Israeli commercial jet landing on the Arabian airstrip. A sight which sent waves of disappointment in Muslims all around the globe.

The Discouraged End Of Boycott

According to media sources, many ties had been placed between the two countries quietly in last many years. However, just recently UAE finally decided to go all out with its relationship with Israel, officially paving the way for economic, logistic and political cooperation. The two countries will now trade and help boost each other’s economy. UAE became the third Arab world country to establish ties with Israel. The president of UAE sees this development important for “peace and prosperity” in the region. A major credit goes to the president of the United States Donald Trump, who successfully convinced this part of the Arab world to break boycott with Israel.

History Cries With The Latest Israeli Commercial Flight EL-971
Donald Trump announcing the official end of boycott between the two countries in a media conference along with his senior advisors and Israeli Ambassadors

The commercial jet landed at Abu Dhabi airport and officially resumed the commercial flight operation between the two countries. The Boeing jet was custom painted for this historic trip, with “Peace” painted on its cockpit window. A greeting on behalf of Israelis to the entire Arab world.

History Cries With The Latest Israeli Commercial Flight EL-971

Indescribable Atrocities Of Israel

Israel is the second name for ethnic cleansing before your eyes. This animal of a country along with its leadership is literally slaughtering and bombing Muslims all around the globe, perceiving them as a serious threat to mankind. Women have lost their children, fathers and brothers. Children have been thrown into orphanage and men are being skinned alive in Palestine and Ghaza. Ghaza has almost been completely destroyed by Israeli bombings. Yet, the people there keep their heads high.

History Cries With The Latest Israeli Commercial Flight EL-971Pakistan remains one of the Muslim countries which refuse to accept the existence of Israel and have declared the illegal possession of Jerusalem criminal. It is sad to see Muslim countries abandoning the spirit of fraternity being blinded by cash flow.

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