KP, Islamabad, Balochistan and GB Report NO Corona Virus Related Deaths In A Day


Now Reading: KP, Islamabad, Balochistan and GB Report NO Corona virus Related Deaths In A Day

Finally, it looks like the stronghold the coronavirus had maintained on Pakistan is finally loosening up as KP, Islamabad, Balochistan and GB, all report NO coronavirus related deaths in a day! That’s right, out of the total 15 deaths reported posted from the various regions throughout the country yesterday, these four regions had none of them.

The country reported a total of 531 new COVID-19 cases from across it on Monday. Of these new cases, Sindh posted almost half (or 243 cases to be precise) alone while the rest of the country reported the remaining. As for the other regions (aside from the no corona-related death ones), Sindh reported the most deaths i.e. 10. Punjab, on the other hand, had 10 patients lose their lives while AJK reported only 1 death.

The statistics show that the number of patients recovering has also went down by a considerable amount recently, especially when compared to the situation in late-June or early-July. This is not something to worry about though, in fact its the opposite. Because the number of people who contracted the virus is considerably smaller than previously, so consequently, the recoveries are also on a downwards spiral since most of the patients have already recovered from the virus.

Here are the exact statistics of the total cases in Pakistan and also within a 24 hour period:


Government’s Smart Lockdown In Controlling Corona

No doubt, much of this improvement is credited to the government’s smart lockdown. Gloating about this, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation and stated that the government’s strategy in controlling the corona virus spread has slowed it down drastically. He emphasized that not many countries in the world were able to control the virus like Pakistan managed to.

However, PM Khan also added that corona virus is, by no means, completely finished in the country and while God has protected the country from what could have been a far worse tragedy, it would be ‘ungrateful’ for people to not keep this in mind and ignore wearing face masks. While informing people about the government’s moves going forward, like implementing ‘micro lockdowns’ after the smart ones, he thanked the people who have been cooperative with the government in controlling the virus and told them to keeping following the SOPs like they have been.


The founder of Microsoft – Bill Gates – is also appreciating Pakistan’s efforts to combat the coronavirus. The Microsoft founder has said that the way the country controlled the pandemic ‘had no match in the world’. This was stated In an interview to CNN, where he declared that Pakistan fought the pandemic masterfully and flattened the curve. “One would easily admit that Pakistan achieved this success thanks to its excellent expertise,” also added Bill Gates.

Hopefully, this trend continues and the dreadful virus leaves the country entirely soon!


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