Islamabad beats London, Berlin, and Paris in Safety- World Crime Index


According to the list of The World Crime Index 2020, Islamabad beats the London, Berlin, and Paris in safety.

Islamabad has ranked 301 out of 374 countries. In comparison to previous year ranking, Islamabad ranked up to 301 from 232 which means that the crime rate and vulnerability level has decreased by 69 ranks.

“Numbeo”, an international organization and a crowd-sourced global database of reported consumer prices, perceived crime rates, quality of health care, among other statistics, issued this index. According to this index rating, Higher the number rank means lower crime rate. The report is released after surveys in 374 cities around the world.

Undoubtedly, Islamabad has improved significantly in terms of safety and crime prevention in recent times.

Islamabad with 28.63 points on the Crime Index and 71.37 points on the Safety Index beats London which stands at 107 with a crime index of 47.63, Paris at 111 with a crime index of 48.16, Berlin at 201 with a crime index of 59.03, Moscow at 206 with a crime index of 59.61, and Shanghai at 242 with a crime index of 63.69.

According to index ranking, Abu Dhabi has been ranked at number 1 and named the safest city in the world with a crime rate of 11.33%. Sharjah has been given 5th, as well as Dubai, got 7th rank.

One of the biggest rivals of Pakistan, India- New Delhi has been placed on 69 out of 374 countries. India is now considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world due to this rank. All credits for this rank goes to the surging crime rate against minorities, especially the Muslims and Dalits.

According to the report of Numbeo, as compared to the previous year Islamabad has reduced 4% of crime rate this year.

IGP Islamabad shows his gratitude and satisfaction towards the efforts of Federal police and credited the effective strategy of controlling crimes behind this reduction in crime rate. He added 

Effective action against criminal and anti-social elements resulted in a decline in the crime rate.

People of Pakistan are proudly tweeting about their country’s achievement.


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