Is Kim Jong-un Dead? What’s Next For North Korea’s Leadership?


Reports have started flooding in that North Korea’s Supreme Leader/Dictator has died after botched heart surgery.

Media outlets in Japan and China have started reporting that Kim Jong-un has either died on Saturday night or is on his death bed with no hopes of recovery. Claiming to be the niece of a Chinese foreign minister, Vice director of HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television – Shijian Xingzou broke the news of the dictator’s death. She said that a “very solid source” told her about Kim Jong-un’s death.

Surgery Gone Wrong

The North Korean dictator – being overweight and having a history of dietary illnesses – recently had a cardiovascular surgery. The reports, albeit being unconfirmed, revealed that Kim Jong-un was out in the countryside when he collapsed to the ground while clutching his heart. The supreme leader was then taken to the Hyangsan Hospital where he underwent a procedure to insert a stent.

The procedure was supposedly botched by the terrified surgeon whose hands were shaking. The supreme leader fell into a vegetative state after this and was reportedly in grave danger.

Confusion Surrounding The “Supposed” Death

The unconfirmed rumors of the dictator’s have caused massive confusion to break out. The rumors began after Kim Jong-un’s prolonged absence from public appearance. The speculations gained further ground when the leader did not attend the birthday of his grandfather, Kim Il Sung. Adding to this, Chinese medical experts also reportedly were sent to North Korea to check on Kim Jong-un’s condition.

On the other hand, South Korean government officials have denied these claims. Denying the rumors, the office stated;

“We confirm that Chairman Kim Jong Un is currently touring provincial areas with his close aides and we do not detect evidences to support speculation about his ill health, when North Korea’s Worker’s Party, military or cabinet aren’t showing any special movements such as emergency decree. We believe that Chairman Kim is active as normal as he has been.”


The rumors have overtaken social media platforms, with “#KIMJONGUNDEAD” trending #1 worldwide. Reflecting the confusing nature of the reports, the hashtag can be read as either “KimJongUn dead” or “KimJong Undead”.

And of course, it wouldn’t be the internet if people didn’t meme this situation. Countless memes , most wondering if they are true or not, have started flooding the internet ever since the rumors of Kim Jong-un’s death sparked.

Its clear that so far, no one has any clear idea whether the rumors are true or not.

Next In Line To Rule North Korea

In case of Kim Jong-un’s death, his sister – Kim Yo Jong – is reportedly going to be his successor. Talking to a media outlet about the speculated successor, a North Korean Expert said;

“She is smart, calculating, and who knows how much power she has been able to build working in the shadows?”

Moreover, analysts have speculated that she has extremely high chances of taking over the rule. “Among the North’s power elite, Kim Yo Jong has the highest chance to inherit power, and I think that possibility is more than 90%,” said one analyst. Though, some experts have also warned that the dictator’s death might cause an ugly civil war to break out due to the left behind power vacuum.

As of yet, it is still unclear whether Kim Jong-un is still alive or not. If alive, the leader might have to make an appearance soon to negate these rumors. If not, time will tell if the country’s dynastic rule will finally end or just get handed over to Kim Yo Jong, or if a civil war will break out. We’ll have to wait and see!


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