Is Hareem Shah Going to Host A Ramzan Transmission?

Is Hareem Shah Going to Host A Ramzan Transmission?


The world we live in is going through a queer phase because of the pandemic. And just when you thought things could not get any weirder, Hareem Shah’s recent tweet has come to defy you. The controversial yet famous TikTok star Hareem Shah took on to social media addressing her fans that a leading channel has approached her to host their Ramzan transmission this time.

Hareem Shah recently gave out an update to the world that she had embarked on a spiritual journey to achieve peace of mind and soul. She told to the world that she was trying to move ahead of her past and repent on her sins.

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Hareem Shah surely knows how to stay in the spot-light. Amid the acute pandemic chaos, she still managed to attract attention of the media. It will not take a genius to guess that she definitely knows her way around the entertainment industry.

Is Hareem Shah Going to Host A Ramzan Transmission?

Hareem Shah – A Living Controversy

Hareem Shah has been a controversial figure for quite some while now. She used to be an ordinary TikTok personality with an average fan following. Her videos were quite famous back then too. But her personality received critical fame when she posted a video of herself in the prime-minister office of Pakistan. That is when it all started.

Start of Hareem Shah’s Controversial Life

Hareem Shah threw everybody in awe when she shared a recording of herself in the PM house – including the officials. A rational mind would suggest the impossibility of a normal citizen to enter such a secure and guarded facility. But she could be seen un-proctored, enjoying herself in a conference room.

This referred to the possibility of high-ups of government being involved.

Controversial Videos and Scandals

Her fame achieved a status of notoriety when her videos were released which had a debatable ethical integrity. She was seen with government officers and ministers which is extremely difficult to achieve for a normal citizen. Most famously she was seen with the Federal Minister of Railways, Sheikh Rasheed.

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Bhola is a character often termed as an avid supporter of the PTI government. When Hareem Shah started addressing and talking about the ministers involved in unethical and questionable activities, Bhola took to the internet and leaked a tonne of videos and images, threatening Hareem Shah to refrain from blackmailing the government officials.

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Even some religious personalities got dragged into the controversial debate when Mufti Qavi was spotted with Hareem Shah. Mufti Qavi received criticism in the past as well, when his pictures with Qandeel Baloch were uploaded on the internet.

Is Hareem Shah Going to Host A Ramzan Transmission?

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Is she actually going to host a Ramzan Transmission?

Pakistani Television Industry is well-known on cashing out from hot or controversial topics. It will not be a great surprise if a leading news channel actually goes on to opt Hareem Shah as a host to lead its Ramzan Transmission.

Another important perspective that must be kept in mind is that Hareem Shah has always stressed that she does not own a Twitter account. Even though all her controversial videos were shared from the same twitter account as the above tweet, one cannot be a hundred percent certain of its legitimacy. Days in the future will decide if this news is actually true, or just a publicity stunt.


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