COAS Bajwa visits Tehran

Is Bajwa’s visit to Iran is a chain of anti-smuggling strategy?


Pakistan – Iran: On Monday, Pakistan Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Tehran to meet Major General Mohammad Hossein [Bagheri], Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces to discuss the border security and regional security.

The purpose of this visit was to retrain the activities on the border like human trafficking, smuggling and cross-border militancy, but was forced to return to Tehran due to some unforeseen escalations at the border.

General Bajwa’s last visited Iran in 2017 and declared the border of Iran and Pakistan as “border of peace and friendship”. The border of Pak-Iran begins at the Koh-i-Malik Salih mountain and ends at Gwadar Bay. This includes a diverse land of mountain ridges, seasonal streams and rivers. Sources suggest that Gen Bajwa’s visit to Tehran was headed by visits of Pakistani security delegations to Iran for preparing for the trip. On the other hand, it might be possible that Bajwa’s visit is focused on the anti-smuggling strategy currently made by Pakistan.

According to the tweet of DG ISPR, the visited called for discussions on national security and defence strategies of both countries.

PM Imran Khan appreciated the Army’s efforts for securing the border and ensuring the stability and peace in the region. General Bajwa warned that nobody is allowed to ruin the peace and stability of this country whether its internal or external.

In his visit to Iran, COAS General Bajwa is looking forward to meeting other politicians and high officials of Iran to discuss cross border situation and to curb any illegal activities facilitated by lack of monitoring.

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